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Smash Cake Inspiration

I want to do a smash cake photoshoot for Olive's first birthday, and I really want a simple, beautiful, and delicious (that means no fondant) cake. Luckily my friend who's an amazingly talented baker has agreed to bake the cake. I actually need two cakes -- one for the photoshoot and another for her little [...]

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Open Closets

As a New Yorker, I'm all too familiar with not having enough closet space. That's why I'm loving the trend of open clothing racks in children's nurseries. Plus babies' clothing is so adorable, it's worthy of display! (source)


Forts and Tee Pees

When my brother and I were kids, my dad wrote a series of books on learning English as a second language. Big cardboard boxes that contained thousands of those books filled our 2-car garage. My brother and I systematically removed certain boxes to create a super secret pathway that led to a fort in the [...]


Play Kitchens

We bought Charlie a play kitchen when he was around 9 months old, and it's definitely been the toy that has seen the most play time. The kitchen helped him learn how to cruise, open and close doors, and now that he's a little bit older, engage in imaginative play. Charlie loves to cook us [...]

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Floor Beds

We're going to have to transition Charlie to a big boy bed sometime in the next year, and it's something I was not looking forward to. I like that he's nice and safe in his crib, and that I don't have to worry about him wandering around and making mischief. But in my Pinterest travels, [...]

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Thanksgiving Pinspiration

Are you on Pinterest yet? I was a little skeptical at first because there have been many similar predecessors, but Pinterest is the best, most user-friendly and fun of them all.  I must admit I've been addicted since I joined, and probably pin something new every single day (it's my social media fix of choice after [...]

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