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Printable Count Your Blessings Thanksgiving Card

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! My mom was definitely right when she said the speed with which your life travels is equal to your age. Each passing year just goes by faster and faster! Last year our illustrator Oana created these lovely printable notes of thankfulness. This year she painted this beautiful Count […]


Summer Fun List Printable!

We’d like to introduce the lovely and talented Jennifer Kirk of Ambrosia Creative as a new member of the Hellobee Design Team! She created the adorable Summer Fun List printables below. Now we’ll turn the post over to Mrs. Cowgirl! ~~~ After I posted about our Summer Fun List, someone suggested I type out the […]


Printable Potty Training Rewards Chart

Charlie is turning 2 1/2 soon, and we haven’t pushed potty training because we wanted to solve his constipation issues first, since he does not want to use the potty when he’s constipated. But we’ve been feeding Charlie pear lately like it’s going out of style in whole, juice, and pouch form, and he hasn’t […]


Chore Schedule

The sheer number of chores we now have with two kids has increased dramatically. Or perhaps our chores haven’t increased that much; we just have less time to do them! Since Mr. Bee and I divide chores, I wanted a printable chore schedule so we could see which chores needed to be completed each day. […]


Printable Meal Planner

All that talk about meal planning last week got me to thinking that I needed a cute template to plan out my meals. So of course Minhee came to the rescue with two different versions of a meal planner. Click here to download the  one that allows you to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and […]


Keepsake: Your Baby’s Growth Records

Olive’s 4 month wellness appointment is coming up, and I got to thinking about how I’d love to have something to document her growth over the first two years of her life. She started out as a teeny tiny 4lbs 15oz, and now she’s already over 12 pounds! Sigh… how fast they grow. I asked […]


Valentine’s Day Card Printable

Our watercolor artist Oana painted a beautiful bee-themed printable Valentine’s Day card just for you! Click here for the printable, which allows you to print 2 cards on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock. We have more Valentine’s Day themed crafts and printables coming up this week, so stay tuned! Are you planning on […]

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