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Tropical Acai Bowl l Hellobee

Acai Bowls

My past month of breakfasts have been characterized by a smoothie revival. Between muggy mornings (boo) and getting back into a workout routine (yay!), I want to start my day with a nutrient-dense frozen treat. When you’re blending up smoothies daily, enjoying them as smoothie bowls – that is, keeping them really thick so you […]

hydrating berry popsicles l Hellobee

Hydrating Berry Popsicles

It took a wicked virus to remind me how much I love popsicles. While I was sick, the only thing that sounded remotely appealing was something frozen, but I wasn’t stoked by the idea of overly sweetened commercial pops. This is an issue I have in sickness and in health, and not just from a […]

millet mango tabbouleh l Hellobee

Millet + Mango Tabbouleh

In the past couple years, I’ve become smitten with salads where fresh herbs are the star. My New Roots has a few I’ve made and enjoyed on more than one occasion, including Moroccan carrot ribbons with black lentils and a minty black bean salad. In the latter, Sarah Britton writes “The herbs in this salad […]

sausage sheet pan dinner dill and pepita gremolata

Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner with Dill + Pepita Gremolata

Who else is enjoying (and maybe feeling a bit relieved by) the spring weather? This time of year, I wonder why we even own toys other than balls, as we spend every free moment outdoors. The tricky thing about these tempting temperatures is getting home in time to prepare dinner. While we tend to┬ácut back […]

superfood tropical smoothie l Hellobee

Superfood Tropical Smoothie

I can’t pinpoint why, but I have been seriously dragging during the second half of the day. One way I’ve been combating my late afternoon slump is through diet – amping up my vegetable intake and cramming extra nutrition wherever I can manage. My smoothies, for example, were always what I would consider healthy but […]

kale and collard chips l Hellobee

Kale and Collard Chips

When Ruby turned six months, I thought I’d get another chance to share some favorite baby puree recipes*, but as it turns out she prefers to self-feed and to eat things with more texture. Whereas with Zane we loosely followed a combination of purees and baby led weaning, Ruby refused to eat anything off a […]

Coconut-Crusted French Toast l Hellobee

Coconut-Crusted French Toast

I used to think of French toast as an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast, but lately I’ve come around to making it pretty regularly. I mean, it’s really just eggs, milk, and bread, right? Okay, so maybe I fry it in butter. And sometimes I drench it in maple syrup. But it’s basically like […]

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