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Coconut-Crusted French Toast l Hellobee

Coconut-Crusted French Toast

I used to think of French toast as an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast, but lately I’ve come around to making it pretty regularly. I mean, it’s really just eggs, milk, and bread, right? Okay, so maybe I fry it in butter. And sometimes I drench it in maple syrup. But it’s basically like […]

rice bowl with herbed tahini sauce l Hellobee

Rice Bowl with Herbed Tahini Dressing

Some label it an abundance bowl, others a Buddha bowl, but whatever you call it, I’m here to encourage you to pick up this method of pulling together a bowl of whole foods topped with a flavorful sauce. Cousin of bibimbap and burrito bowls, this practical, nutritious and delicious dish is a make-ahead dream. Just cook up some […]

kale and quinoa salad l Hellobee

Kale and Quinoa Salad

So, apparently grain salads are my jam in January, since a year ago I posted this farro, fruit, and nut salad. While that dish still appeals to me (especially that tangy dressing), I think I topped it with this vegetable and protein-packed version. A confetti of kale, quinoa, almonds, cranberries, citrus, onion, and cheese, this […]

caramelized white hot chocolate l Hellobee

Caramelized White Hot Chocolate

So, how is everyone’s holiday season going? I aim to be the kind of person who takes December in stride, staying above the the fray when it comes to stress and general busyness, but if I’m being real the past week really wore me down. When I start feeling tightness in my shoulders and become […]

The Best Fish Sticks You'll Ever Eat l Hellobee

The Best Fish Sticks You’ll Ever Eat

The idea for turning this dinner into a recipe to share occurred to me the first time we made it for our son Zane, and my husband Ben told him they were the best fish sticks he would ever have. Although the same shape as the fish sticks we bake off in a pinch, especially […]

Fig Frozen Yogurt l Hellobee

Fig Frozen Yogurt

I’m pretty sure this is the best time of year for fruit. Summer’s berries, melons, and stone fruits don’t seem to be letting up, but we’re also starting to get local apples, pears, and grapes. Oh, and figs! For the longest time I had only ever eaten dried figs, but the first time I tasted […]

Peach + Basil Salad Dressing l Hellobee

Peach + Basil Salad Dressing

Before this year, when it came to salads of the lettuce variety I was pretty dedicated to my mustard vinaigrette. Although I never received any complaints I started feeling like it was time to make our salads more interesting, and there’s no easier way to do that than to change up the dressing. My most […]

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