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Fruit and Veggie Maternity Printables

Fruit and Veggie Baby Size Printables

Are you expecting a new little one? Or are you expecting to be expecting soon? These printables are here to help you document the time and get a visual for how your baby is growing… by looking at fruits and veggies! This is probably an idea you’ve seen before, as it shows up on a […]

Crinkle Conversation Hearts

DIY Felt Crinkle Conversation Hearts

These easy-to-sew felt conversation hearts are a delight to the senses. And they’re completely sugar-free! Your little ones will love looking at the oversized, colorful play candies, touching the felt and stitched letters, and listening to them too. Because they’re filled with crinkling cellophane! In addition to being a fun felt toy to enjoy for […]

Parts Of A Christmas Tree Printable 3-Part Cards

Parts of a Christmas Tree Printable 3-Part Cards

Want to help your kids with their vocabulary while they enjoy some Christmas matching? Print out a set of these Montessori-inspired cards and watch them learn to read the words that describe the parts of a Christmas tree! In Montessori classrooms, 3-part cards (also known as nomenclature cards) are common. They teach children to identify elements […]

Creative Thank You Cards

Printable Creative Thank You Notes

For young children it’s not always easy to express their thanks, but it’s still important for them to learn. Even if they can’t write their own name, they can still take a few moments to create a card that expresses gratitude and shows the recipient that they took the time to do so. This printable […]

Pumpkin Felt Board

Make a Jack o’ Lantern Felt Board

Pumpkin carving is such a fun October activity, but it only lasts for a short time and kids can only help so much. A felt board pumpkin with face pieces is a great alternative, but what if you turned a real pumpkin into that felt board? It’s so easy to make and tons of fun. […]

DIY Felt Art Frame

DIY Felt Frame for Kid Art

Is your child an artist? Even if they don’t become famous or make art a part of their profession some day, it’s so important to encourage creativity in young children. One way to do that is to let them know that you value the art they are making by placing it in a DIY felt […]

DIY Felt Ice Cream Cones

How to Make a Felt Ice Cream Playset

Ready for a summer treat that won’t melt in the summer heat? Felt ice cream cones are just the thing! In fact, these are good for imaginative play any time of the year. And the best part is, you can make them yourself! There are a lot of patterns out there for making felt food, but they […]

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