Baby Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning refers to a method of introducing solids that completely skips purees and allows babies to feed themselves appropriately-sized food. Because breastmilk or formula should be the main source of a baby’s nutrition during their first year of life, it’s ok that babies won’t consume too much food when they first start exploring different flavors and textures. Ultimately¬†allowing babies to self-feed enables them to develop their taste preferences, and better regulate their intake.

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Baby-Led Weaning

Debunking the common misconceptions behind baby led weaning.

BLW Gear Faves & Fails

A guide to the very few items you need to get started with baby led weaning.
Using his bib to hoist the peach! 6.1.12 25w

BLW - The First Few Months

A long list of sample foods to feed your baby the first couple months of baby led weaning.
Wonder Baby having her first solids.  In retrospect, raspberries were a rather messy choice.

Getting Started With Baby Led Weaning

Tips on getting started with baby led weaning - gear, allergies, choking/gagging, and sample foods.
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Baby Led Weaning

The philosophy behind baby led weaning, and some baby led weaning resources.

Getting Started with Solids, Purees, and Baby-led Weaning

How purees were quickly rejected once we started baby led weaning.

Time for Big-Boy Food

Starting off with purees then realizing that baby led weaning is easier and more fun!

My Modified Baby-Led Weaning Approach

Starting with purees and slowly transitioning into baby-led weaning.

Little Tea Cup versus the spoon - part 2 - favourite first finger foods

A more recent photo of her feeding herself broccoli-cauliflower-quinoa bites, and loving it.

Starting Solids with Baby Led Weaning: A Conservative Approach


Starting Baby Led Weaning


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