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Mrs. Yoyo lives in Knoxville, Tenn., with her husband and 18-month-old son, Little Y. She has battled PCOS but was lucky to conceive on her first round of Clomid. During her pregnancy, she lived in a tiny mountain town in Virginia and actually drove two hours to give birth. She is a former newspaper editor and writing coach. Right now, she stays at home with Little Y while working as a freelance writer and editor. She joined Hellobee when Little Y was 6 months old.

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Other Series by Mrs. Yoyo include:

positive pregnancy test

Taming PCOS

PCOS and gettting pregnant on Clomid.
Relaxing while pregnant

Birth Story: Part 1

Baby Yoyo's birth story.
On the way home from the hospital

Breastfeeding: Rocky Beginnings, Part 1

Baby Y lost 15% of his birth weight following birth and breastfeeding problems.
Baby Yo-yo with Yoda

Getting Over the Little-Boy Blues

How to deal with disappointment over gender.
Baby Yo-yo swaddled

(Still) Swaddling

Still swaddling at 6 months, and a review of favorite swaddles.
Baby's first hotel stay

On the Road with Baby in Tow

Tips on traveling with a baby by car.
family picture

He's not adopted

Dealing with comments from strangers when raising a biracial baby.

Feminism, motherhood, and Facebook

Do you have a picture of your child as your Facebook profile?
Baby Y's growth chart

Baby Growth: It’s Not a Contest

How to correctly read baby growth charts.
Baby Connect screenshots

Review: Baby Connect for iPhone

An app that tracks everything related to baby.


Dealing with resentment towards your spouse as a mom.
baby y sophie

Confessions of a non-worry wart


The Reluctant SAHM

Life as a SAHM that isn't by choice.

Digital Inadequacy

How comparing yourself to other moms on the internet leads to feelings of inadequacy.

The Most Dangerous Phrase in Motherhood

“It’s easier if I just do it myself.”

Baby gear: Save or splurge?

Which baby products should you save or splurge on?

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