We want to be open about how we make money from Hellobee, so that there’s no confusion about how the site works.

Affiliate links

How it works: When we link to products on certain sites, we sometimes get paid an affiliate advertising commission if you purchase the product or service.  For example, we participate in affiliate programs with Amazon.com, Reward Style (mostly for clothes) and iTunes (mostly for iPhone apps). These links are added after the posts are written, and we never compose posts for the purpose of including affiliate links.  Please note: we also often link to products from websites that don’t participate in affiliate programs.

Who pays us: The retailer (Amazon.com, iTunes) or affiliate aggregator (Reward Style) that powers the affiliate program.

Premium subscription services

How it works: Hellobee has a premium subscription program called Hellobee Gold, which offers additional features and costs members $25/year.

Who pays us: Hellobee members who upgrade to Hellobee Gold.

Google Adsense ads

How it works: We are a member of Google’s AdSense program, which powers “automatic text, image, video, and rich media advertisements that are targeted to [a site’s] content and audience.”

Who pays us: Google pays us advertising fees when clicks from our visitors on their ads result in purchases.

Button ads in the right sidebar

How it works: We offer small (300×100 pixel) paid button ads in the right sidebar of our site.

Who pays us: Advertisers who contact us directly.