Pregnancy: My Second Time Around

I am now 28 weeks pregnant with our baby girl, entering the third trimester home stretch and getting increasingly anxious to meet her! We had a follow up ultrasound this week and she’s looking good. We never had a scan this late in my first pregnancy, and it was awesome to see her with so much more meat on her bones. Her little face looked so sweet I’m now considering splurging on one of those 3d ultrasounds just to get a better look!

Things have certainly been a little different with this pregnancy, so here’s a little update on what this one has been like so far, compared to the first:

The bump: I remember eagerly awaiting the appearance of a baby bump in those first 16 weeks or so of my pregnancy with Roman… taking pictures of the ever so slight, slow protrusion of my belly, anxious to look and feel “pregnant.” This time, I took the test and then said, “oh, so that’s why I’ve looked perpetually bloated the last couple of weeks!” I instantly looked pregnant, which is just fine with me; I do still love a nice baby bump… and boy is this a big one! (Though I haven’t taken nearly as many pictures of it yet.)

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Fall Nature Crafts For Kids

I love doing crafts with Drake, and fall is a great time for them because there are so many crafts we can create with things we find outside. With the leaves changing colors and falling everywhere, as well as sticks, acorns, and rocks to collect, it’s the perfect way to spend the day with my little boy. Here are some fall nature crafts you can try out with your own little one.


Mice Pinecones - These look really adorable and perfect for table or window decorations. I bet you could use acorns for faces and string and twine to do the tails.

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Engaging a Highly Curious, Active Child

Parenting is indeed the ultimate adventure, and it is especially so when you end up having a kid who is the polar opposite of both you and your co-parent. Mr. Carrot and I are the definition of low key people. We’re not very physically active (to our own detriment, but that’s another discussion), and before we had Baby Carrot, we spent a good chunk of our free time curled up with Netflix, reading, going out to movies and dinners with friends. We love to travel and explore, but we prefer to do so at a leisurely pace. Our growing toddler, however, is in non-stop, rapid motion, literally and figuratively. Before she was mobile, she always needed her sources of entertainment varied – a playmat would only keep her occupied for so long. Once she figured out crawling and then walking, toys became secondary to things on shelves, things in containers, things in cabinets, etc. These days, her biggest source of pleasure is to be climbing into, over or through something, so Mr. Carrot and I have been burning some extra calories and working on ideas to keep up with our bundle of curiosity.

Sitting in shopping carts is way overrated

During the week, Baby C is in daycare, and since she’s in a home daycare with limited resources, her activity level there is limited accordingly. Thus on weekends, we aim to get her as much active time as possible, and we try our best to mix up the activities so that she both has an outlet for all her energy but also a variety of learning experiences to go with it. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep Baby C engaged:

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30 Holiday Potluck Ideas

Every year, a sign-up sheet is passed around our office for our annual holiday potluck. Every year, I’m stumped on what to bring besides the same ol’ boring veggie tray or chips and dip, so I’ve compiled a bunch of holiday potluck recipes that would go well over a large crowd.  I believe the best potluck dishes share these characteristics: easy to reheat, easy to transport, and doesn’t get soggy or goopy or dried out!


1| Pinecone cheese spread 2| Bacon-wrapped potato bites 3| Prosciutto-wrapped arugula 4| Fresh corn casserole 5|| Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries 6| Scalloped potatoes 7| Sweet potato casserole 8| Green bean casserole with crispy shallots 9| Pizza wheels

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Time Machine – January 2012

Here are some Hellobee highlights from late December 2011 and early January 2012!

Splurge and Save: Firetruck Birthday Party

I love planning parties, but I also love finding ways to make parties cute and fun without breaking the bank. I’m planning Liam’s third birthday party (yes, it’s six months away, but this is totally normal for me) and since he loves firetrucks, I’ve decided this party will go along with that theme. I’ve rounded up some ideas for how to throw a firetruck party if you want to splurge or save!


splurge: Minted  |  save: Paperless Post

I always like to start with the invitation when throwing a party and base the rest of the decor around it. I’ve always loved the options that Minted has to offer, but they can be pricey, especially when inviting a large number of people. Paperless Post is something I’ve never used before, but they have lots of free options and the ones that aren’t free are very cost effective. Plus, their designs are very well done and a step up from other online invitations I’ve used in the past.


splurge: Fire Museum  |  save: Park – Example

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Crying it Out

I’ve mentioned before that Baby Pencil was not an easy infant. I’ve read countless articles stating that a big reason why certain babies are fussy is simply because they are tired and don’t get enough quality sleep. (Well, that makes sense seeing how cranky I get with no sleep!) I never wanted to try the crying it out method because it sounded awful to me. He was just a wee little baby after all! I was starting to be okay having a constantly unhappy baby. He also started sleeping about 5-7 hours per night on his own… until the raging storm of the “4 month regression” came into our lives and then everything went out the window. His naps and night sleep went back to waking up almost every hour! I was back to square one. I was once again, miserable and started to seriously consider CIO.

Life was starting to get ridiculous. My arms were about to fall off from rocking him for hours. Once he fell asleep in our arms, it would be up in the air how long he would stay asleep for. The entire house became one big white noise machine. He was getting super heavy and his legs would flop around while bouncing him. The hubs and I sat down and talked about logistics. How would we personalize this method so that it fit our specific baby? We created a game plan:

  • Let baby cry it out in 3, 5, 10 minute increments.
  • Only come back to shush-pat for comfort, but no picking up and leave the room completely afterwards.
  • We can use the pacifier to soothe but take it away before leaving.
  • Try for 3-4 days to see if there is progress. (Progress meaning he was able to fall back asleep on his own with no rocking or holding.)
  • Stay firm and consistent for 3-4 days.

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