Yumbox Panino Review

Maia from Yumbox recently sent me her newest bento box, the 4-compartment Panino. The unique features of the Yumbox include an easy-to-open latch for kids, a silicon lid that prevents leaks from each of the compartments, a removable one piece tray for easy cleaning, and adorable illustrations inside each compartment. It is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, retails for $30, and is a great bento box for kids of all ages.

I still use the original Yumbox which has 6 compartments depending on the type of lunch I’m packing, but overall I prefer the Panino’s 4 larger compartments because I pack big lunches and it gives me more versatility. The Panino also has a larger snack section (the circular section in the middle), which I love. I usually put a little treat in there, but you can also put in dips without worrying about a separate container. Charlie and Olive love the special treat and lately they’ve been asking to see what I’ve packed in their lunches every morning. They always get super excited about the treat, and it gives them something to look forward to when they’re in school.

After 4 years packing daily lunches, I can throw them together pretty quickly each morning. I follow this formula – vegetable, protein, fruit, dairy, and a snack. Here’s what I’ve been packing in our Yumbox!

boiled egg w/ salt & pepper, baby carrots, pickle, laughing cow cheese, strawberries, pasta w/ peas, yogurt covered raisins

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Mega Bloks Fast Tracks Raceway Giveaway!

Blocks are a wonderful childhood toy, and Mega Bloks were our first set because they’re large and perfect for little hands. They were definitely one of Charlie and Olive’s favorite toys! Recently they’ve come out with a new First Builders™ Fast Tracks™ Raceway that combines racing cars with Mega Bloks — two things all kids are sure to love! This would make a fantastic holiday gift, and we’re giving away 4 sets to Hellobee readers!

The tracks and blocks can be mixed and matched in all kinds of configurations your child dreams up! The set is designed for kids ages 1-5 and comes with:

  • Two mix-and-match buildable cars
  • 50 pieces, including new easy-to-build tracks and three building plates
  • Fun sticker sheet to customize your little racer’s blocks and cars
  • Compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets for endless building possibilities and family fun

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You have many different ways to increase your chances of winning by entering. Good luck! 

Toys for Language Development

The best toys for developing early speech and language are those that allow children to play with language. These are toys that help kids to not only learn new words, but to use those words in meaningful ways that will help them to communicate. Open-ended toys are best; these can be used in a variety of ways over an extended period of time. This list also includes toys that mimic social situations, and that look like familiar experiences for your child (play kitchens, dolls with accessories, etc). That way, the language that is practiced during play will apply to real-life situations. Here are some of my recommendations for toys that encourage language development.

1. Puppets – Hand puppets, finger puppets — anything your child can use to get into ‘character’ and use their language.

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10 Things I Know about the Newborn Stage the 2nd Time Around

Let me start off by saying my transition into motherhood was rocky at best.  Thinking about the newborn stage would often make me shudder, as it was heavily marked by depression, anxiety, and insomnia with my first-born.  I knew with my second child things would be different, but I didn’t know how different.

With my youngest at 8 weeks

Here are 10 things I understand now about the newborn stage this time around:

1.  The days are long but the years are short.

I am still in the thick of the sleep deprivation phase.  I can’t remember the last time I slept straight through the night, and most of my thoughts revolve around sleep.  My days and my moods are affected by how much the baby sleeps, and in turn, how much I sleep.  Have I told you that I so dearly miss sleep?  With my first, each day felt like an eternity, and so you can imagine how long three months felt if I could barely get through each day.  With my second, I am still exhausted (even more so with a toddler in my care as well) , but I know this is just a stage and it too shall pass.  I know the “light at the end of the tunnel” exists, even if I can’t see it yet.  And the years fly by . . . so I am just trying to savor this stage as best as I can, even in all of my sleep-deprived glory.

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An Unexpected Sibling

Several months after Missus Scooter and I met and began a serious relationship in 2007, we found ourselves talking about children. One of the reasons why we ‘work’ is we have always more or less been on the same page. Back in those early days, we both felt that kids were inevitable but we were in no hurry and neither of us felt a huge calling to motherhood. But we did talk about how we would go about becoming pregnant when the time came. We both agreed we didn’t want the donor to “involved” as a parental figure – that was our role. But that’s basically where the similarities ended.

Back in the Day, Circa 2007

Missus Scooter had a very strong opinion that the donor should be someone we knew; someone we could look in the eye, assess his character, and not just look at statistics written on a page. A lot of “weird” people probably look fantastic on paper: 6’2”, blonde hair, athletic. Great! Oh but he won’t look you in the eye, his nose drips, and he talks to aliens. Uh oh! It was hard to disagree with her logic.

But I had my own completely opposite strong opinion on the matter: the donor had to be anonymous. The likelihood of someone we already knew whom was willing to donate with “no strings attached” seemed very low (in fact, we couldn’t think of anyone at the time). And the idea of searching for someone to meet just for the purpose of being a donor seemed awkward. How would you even do this? <Insert bad Craigslist story here>. The worst-case scenario was that at some point, the donor (and/or his significant other) would change his mind about being involved with the child. Whether legally situated or not, you’re dealing with human beings and matters of the heart – and how could you deny a man who felt a pull towards his child? Considerations were not only the donor, but his partner, family, other children. What if they wanted time with our child? What if they were the type of people we didn’t want our children around? All of it seemed messy and not worth the upside of having firsthand experience with the donor. Missus Scooter agreed that I also had valid points.

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12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

My family didn’t grow up with many holiday traditions, so I was determined to create my own now that I have my own family.  One simple tradition I’ve always yearned for was the simple act of stuffing stockings and opening them on Christmas Eve, then saving the big gifts for Christmas Day.

I look forward to hanging up our personalized stockings on the mantle each year because that’s when it really starts to feel like Christmas around here.  It’s amazing how much four little stockings can bring me such joy. Mr. Heels and I aren’t really gift people, so our stockings are usually pretty sparse, but we always make sure we fill up the kids’ stockings.

Here are some things I’ve done in previous years, and am considering for this year:

1.  Stickers – Our kids love stickers, and they provide them hours of endless fun. I’ll likely scour Target’s dollar section to see what I can come up with, or possibly get these Frozen stickers for Noelle (since that’s her obsession right now, like every other kid in the world…), and these Bubble Guppies stickers for Jaren.

2.  Finger puppets - How cute are these little puppets for tiny little hands? They’re great for imaginative play too, which only gets more and more elaborate as the kids get older!

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Fakin’ it ’til we make it

{Always checking what’s on the horizon…}

{Just another long-lost blogger here, popping back up.}

So, what happened?! Life happened. Apparently when the going gets tough, the tough go hide in a deep, dark hole. At least that’s what this tough girl did.

Really though. I’ve alluded to the rough transition here. It’s still very rough. And it’s slowly becoming obvious that there is a long, long road ahead. (Ok, ok… I’m slowly accepting that there’s a long road ahead. Many would argue that’s been obvious for months now!) We’re making forward progress but it’s in itty bitty baby steps. Steps that sometimes move back a whole lot before they move forward. Steps that I really, really wish were leaps and bounds over vast distances.

I knew we wouldn’t become insta-family the moment we landed. I knew it would take some time, and some a lot of work. But it never occurred to me that over 8 months later, we’d still very much be in a transition/adjustment phase. I’m ready to be done with all the transitions here and just be. (Someone please tell me if life is just a series of transitions… I’m going to need to start accepting that if it’s true. But make sure I’m sitting first, ok?!) I’m not really exaggerating when I say that many—most—of my days are spent working on Pint-Sized’s issues. As most adoptive parents will tell you, attachment is never-ending work in progress. I knew that going in. What I didn’t know is that the child I was bringing home was also going to be very angry, and very stubborn. So, all this attachment work takes a lot more time, energy, and effort. And a whole lot of tough skin. Cause let me tell you… it’s HARD. It’s hard to hold a child who is raging because he’s just angry at the *whole entire* world. It’s hard to be the person who has to ask help of other parents often so that big brother doesn’t miss out on opportunities. It’s hard to be the person who hears a child laugh and doesn’t realize it’s her own because it’s such a foreign sound.

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