Prime Day Wins and Losses

When I had this post planned out in my head, I had the intention of picking up (and showing you) some great stuff and some awesome deals. However…then Prime Day happened..and my little fingers were just not fast enough! I’m hoping that I’m not alone in this fate and that this happened to some of you as well; otherwise you’re probably all just chuckling at me!

So, instead of sharing with you my massive haul of amazing things that I purchased at incredible prices, I’m going to show you the few items I ended up with, and some of the ones I just wasn’t quick enough for!


1) Bentgo Kids Lunchbox– I’ve been eyeing a new lunchbox for awhile now, and I knew I wanted to go with the bento style, so when I saw this one was on sale I decided to snatch it up! I know this box says “kids” on it, but I’m totally using this for myself! I like to take my lunch to work and I’m in desperate need of a new storage situation. Currently I’m using plastic bags or just random little plastic containers. They usually end up floating around my purse for days after I’m done with them because I just forget to take them out! This seems like a really good product — I like that you can take the tray out for cleaning, and you don’t have to wash the entire box. I also like the small portion spaces. I don’t need a gigantic lunchbox, because then I will just fill it up with too much food! I’m super excited to use this. I purchased it for $18, and the current price now is $27.99!

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How to Make a Felt Ice Cream Playset

DIY Felt Ice Cream Cones

Ready for a summer treat that won’t melt in the summer heat? Felt ice cream cones are just the thing! In fact, these are good for imaginative play any time of the year. And the best part is, you can make them yourself!

Kawaii Felt Ice Cream Cone

There are a lot of patterns out there for making felt food, but they usually involve a fair amount of sewing. This project is nearly no-sew. Yes, you will need to pull out a needle and thread, but it’s gonna be some of the easiest sewing you’ve ever done.

As soon as you start turning out these scoops and cones, your kids will be ready to start their own pretend ice cream shop or food truck!

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My Experience With Two High Risk Pregnancies

The short story of my two high-risk pregnancies is that I had a lot of monitoring and tons of doctor appointments because I tested positive for ANA and SSA antibodies, two antibodies that can affect pregnancy in different ways. During my first pregnancy, I had more than thirty doctors’ appointments, one hospital stay after a placental abruption at 32 weeks and mandated bed rest/house arrest. During my second, I had significantly less doctors’ appointments (probably somewhere in the neighborhood of the low twenties), one hospital stay at 33 weeks and a premature birth.

Both of my kids were born healthy, so at the end of the day I was very lucky. While we had a few scares along the way, they happened post-32 weeks when the rate of survival is very high, around 98%.

Every pregnancy is, of course, different. But when I was pregnant, especially after having my first placental abruption, I found reading about other experiences to be calming even if they didn’t mirror my own situation or experience.

How I Found Out I Was High Risk

When we first thought about trying to get pregnant, I decided to go in to see my OB/GYN for a pre-conception consultation. I was under 30, healthy, a non-smoker and non-drinker and so I thought we would just chat about how long it might take to get pregnant, prenatal vitamins, and advice on what not to eat. I brought my latest labs from my general practitioner just in case my OB wanted to take a look.

During the appointment, my OB said that it could take six months to a year to get pregnant and to call him in that timeframe if we were having difficulty conceiving. He absently flipped through my multi-page lab printout, clearly not expecting to find anything either. On the last page, he stopped and asked about a particular antibody that I had and why my general practitioner drew that particular lab. There was actually no particular reason and not all doctors will order a test for ANA antibodies, but mine did it as part of his standard annual exam. Our OB said he was glad that he had taken a look at my labs after all and sent me off for follow-up labs.

When additional antibodies came back positive, he sent me to see both a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist and a rheumatologist. They both drew the same labs, all of which confirmed positive results for ANA and SSA that would make me a high risk pregnancy (side note: the rheumatologist was awful and re-drew the labs because he directly told me, “You look so happy, there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with you” and dismissed all the symptoms that I’d actually had for years which I didn’t realize wasn’t a normal part of adult life).

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8 Reasons Why We Decided to Try for Baby #2

Mr. Cotton Candy and I had our Little Cotton Candy in November of 2012, and from the time I got pregnant, we knew there was a good chance we would be “one and done.” We saw a lot of benefits to having just one child. You can focus more on them and have more energy and time to devote to them and their endeavors and emotional well-being. Plus, it is (presumably) easier to have a work/family/adult-life balance with just one child; it’s easier to get a babysitter and have more date nights, which help keep you connected as a couple. And, of course, it’s easier to swing one child financially than multiple children.

Then Little Cotton Candy arrived, and the learning curve for parenthood felt so steep. I was honestly overwhelmed with the transition from only having to worry about myself to being imbued with this fragile, precious being Mr. Cotton Candy and I were solely responsible for keeping alive. For a very long time after Little Cotton Candy’s birth, I couldn’t imagine having another. My brain would just shut down upon thinking about it. In retrospect, I may have been suffering from postpartum anxiety, but I had nothing to compare it to, so I assumed my feelings were normal.

But then…the door to having a second started to open. Well, let’s say it started to crack. I think the first time I truly considered having a second was when a parent friend said that a motivation of their having two was the idea that the kids would have each other once their parents are gone. Somehow I had never thought about things in those terms, and it made an impact on me.

Cut to a few weeks ago, and Mr. Cotton Candy and I had the rare opportunity of a lunch date while Little Cotton Candy was in school. Over a delish French lunch (and let’s be honest: some beers) at a cute cafe, I floated to Mr. Cotton Candy that I couldn’t stop thinking about having a second, though I was still terrified. His words? “I could be talked into it.” What? This was NOT what I had expected him to say, and it kind of sent me into a tailspin. (Would this conversation have taken place without the aid of alcohol? We may never know.)

Over the next few weeks, I kept bringing up the topic to him, and each time he sounded more confident about the idea of a second. One night, while Mr. Cotton Candy’s parents were visiting from out of state and the two of us were finally alone for the evening and lying in bed, we just decided: We’re going to try for number two!

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Little girl fashion for mid-summer days

The summer sale season is kicking into full gear, with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starting up, and the Zara sale still going on, there have been too many things on my wish list for the girls! Here are some of my summer favorites:


1) Knotted cut work top  | 2) Tie waist shirt | 3) Striped fabric shirt  | 4) Printed top  | 5) Floral Jumpsuit | 6) Check dress  | 7) Ice cream and pineapple shorts | 8) Tie dye skirt | 9) Butterfly print jumpsuit  | 10) Glitter strap ballerinas | 11) Sandals with bow


1) Slatter-paint tank top | 2) Striped T-shirt with eyelet sleeves | 3) Indigo heart leggings | 4) Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Baby Fever is Real – Little Bug is One

Oh man, I have it bad. Really bad. I see squishy new babies and I want another one so badly. I always thought that baby fever was one of those silly things that women speak about, but I totally get it now. Because Mr. Cereal and I are not sure if we will have another, the feeling is always followed by my logical side telling me to slow it down, but man that is hard to take. It’s all because…

Little Bug turned one last month and I felt a little sad. His first year went by so fast and he seems like such a little boy now instead of a baby. We struggled for his first year with breastfeeding, sleeping, eating, etc, but now he is doing so many non baby things that my heart is yearning for a little baby to hold and cuddle. I never really got this feeling with LeLe and that is probably because I was pregnant with Little Bug while LeLe was still a baby. I knew another one was coming so when she turned one, I didn’t feel sad, I just felt excitement to see what would happen next.

Cake smash/1 year photos

He has such a funny little personality now. He’s a mover, a climber, a giggler, and a cuddly little bug. I am continuously amazed at how different he and LeLe are personality wise. He is so calm and he definitely prefers to assess a situation before diving in. He loves being held, being cuddled, any physical contact really. He makes a point to come and give a cuddle or a hug every so often throughout the day, and then he’s off again causing mischief. He is also giving us sloppy open mouth kisses that could also be interpreted as a bite if I didn’t know better.

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5 Things Learned from Grandparent Camp

Eli is a first born, only child, the most beloved grandson of three sets of grandparents; in short, the luckiest little guy around!  The big issue surrounding all of this love is that it all resides 9 hours away. Enter grandparent camp! My parents were in town and needed to go back to California for a couple days and offered to take Eli. It took me all of 2.5 seconds to jump at the opportunity to have a break, I mean allow Eli to spend time with his family!

4 days is a long time (especially at such a fun and exciting age) however, the opportunity to have time to just be husband and wife, get some freedom and some space was far too appealing.

After two and half years with my little buddy at my side, I learned some new things about what it means for me to be alone.

1. Marriage becomes cake!!

Husband not helping? No big thing, there is now plenty of time in my day! Craving a date? No baby-sitter necessary, stay out as long as you’d like! While Eli has definitely made our marriage stronger, deeper and better, he also requires a lot of physical, mental and emotional energy. There is only so much time and patience in a given day and Eli tends to get the majority of it. Without the needs of a child overshadowing the needs of a marriage, it becomes so easy to really see each other and appreciate what my husband brings to the table.

2. Marriage still isn’t easy.

Day 1: happy
Day 2: happy
Day 3: happy
Day 4: big fight over nothing!!

Despite the absence of parental responsibilities, it is still a real marriage and still has the same stresses and triggers of any other union.

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