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10/11 Month Update

Little Lion is turning into a toddler before our eyes! Only one more month until his birthday, and I feel like my little baby is growing up way too fast!


10 Month Update

I decided to separate the posts for Jaren and Noelle this month because Noelle will be turning 3 in just a few days and that deserves its own little highlight. My boy is growing at lightning speed, and while he still feels like a chunky monkey to me, at his 10 month well check, the […]


Ten Months.

This month has represented so many changes – I feel like I’m literally watching Baby Markers learn something new every day. I’ve become so nostalgic because she’s beginning to act like more and more of a toddler – I miss her tiny little baby snuggles. I’ll try to hold it together for the sake of […]


Little Deer – 10 Months

It’s finally here – folks, we are now officially in the double digits! Little Deer is a whopping 10 months old, and though I am in disbelief every month, this month I feel especially nostalgic. She is taking off and every day looking more and more like a toddler than a baby. From understanding a […]

Scribble: Months 9-10

All those parents of fitful newborns, or sleep-reverting four month-olds, take heart: soon you’ll have a ten month-old, and it’ll all be worth it, because they are fabulous! The only downside to this age: it is almost impossible to get the monthly picture! I have heard these months referred to as the ‘Golden Age’ of […]

10 Month / 3 Year 5 Month Update

Here I am with my next monthly update and I just can’t believe it. For a change, there is quite a bit to report on both kids! We have been going through a lot of changes lately and thankfully, most of them are good changes. Lil Miss Wagon The biggest change of all this month […]


Sienna’s 10 and 11 Month Updates

Hello baby girl, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve gotten past the 10 month mark with your monthly photos, which is something I failed at with your brother (I stopped at 9 months). I hope you will love looking back and seeing how much you’ve changed from birth to 12 months. It’s sometimes so […]

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