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15 Month / 3 Year 10 Month Update

In my last monthly update I said I wasn't sure if I'd continue these updates monthly anymore. Then the 14 month update was reeeeeally late... so here we are with the 15 month update!! (also late...) It's an exciting one with lots of new things, so read on, dear reader!

N at 15 months

Little Piñata at 15 Months

In my opinion, each passing month with your child gets even more fun! Though there are parts of me that miss Little Piñata as a teeny, tiny baby, it seems like each day he develops more of a personality, learns new things and makes us laugh at something new. I really feel like I can [...]


Miss H: 15 Month Update

 Miss H is all over the place these days and is so much fun to be around! She has a silly little personality that shows more and more each day, although she has also started developing some of the dreaded "toddler tantrums" - arching her back in frustration when she doesn't get her way (or [...]


Sunny's 14-15 Month Update

Wow - Sunny has been up to a lot in the past two months!  My little baby is turning into an adorable little toddler.  The biggest change is that she's walking now!  After two or three months of taking a couple steps at a time, she is now fully walking since about 14.5 months.  She's [...]

noah 15

Noah is 15 Months

Dear Little N, Hi sweetie! You recently turned 15 months old! Yay! You continue to toddle around the house with conviction, your tummy thrust in front of you as you walk with purpose and pride. You've begun climbing up on to things as the other day I found you on top of the little table [...]

15 months4

Olive's 14 & 15 Month Update

Now that Olive is a little bit older and not hitting milestones as frequently as she did her first year of life, I'll probably do monthly updates every 2 months. Poor second child -- Charlie got a monthly update every month of his life until he was 3! But she's used to not getting as [...]

15 Month Update

Charlie turns 15 months old today, and I am loving him so much lately! Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m his favoritest person in the whole wide world, but he’s just so darn affectionate lately that he’s hard to resist. He loves to run into your arms and give you a hug. Whenever I’m [...]

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