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18 Month / 4 Year Update

Now that Lil Miss Wagon is getting older and Wagon Jr. is 4 years old, I've decided to just do updates when we get updated stats from the pediatrician. This probably means individual updates for each kid (WJ's next one being at 5 years old, yikes!), so this will probably be my last combined update [...]


17 and 18 month update

Colin is really finding his stride as a toddler.  Months 17 and 18 have been exciting ones, as his babble becomes full blown chatter, and his preferences and opinions become more and more clear.  In my last monthly update post, he was finding his little walking feet, just finding a steady pace on his feet.  [...]


Miss H: 18 Month Update

Hooray, Miss H has celebrated her half birthday, making her a big ol' 18 month old! I feel like she's officially moved into toddler-hood, and we're finding that toddlers come with both challenges and fun. What has amazed me lately is how much Miss H understands - she's a sponge soaking up everything we say. [...]

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Liam - 18 months

I intended to take a monthly picture and write an update every other month during Liam's second year, but you know what they say about the best laid plans... So! Liam is 18 months old! That's halfway from 1 to 2, did you know that?!?! I think I'm living in an alternate universe wherein I [...]

18 month update

I have not done an update post about my kids in the past. When I started blogging for Hellobee, all of my kids were past a year old. I figured I could do some updates for big milestones for each of the kids, so this is my first update for my daughter Lilly. She just [...]

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18-month update

Little Y has hit that big 18-month mark. I know a lot of developmental stuff goes on around this age, and I can definitely see it – I feel like I really, truly have a full-fledged kid with quirks and inside jokes and personality galore. He just isn’t a baby anymore. Sigh. Here’s what’s going [...]

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18 Month Update

Baby Checkers is 18 months.  I was shocked and amazed by the amount of development that happens in the first year, but each day I feel like she continues to change at warp speed, learning new words and mimicking me (for better or for worse).  One day out of the blue, she started shaking her [...]

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