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Miss H: 19 Month Update

I'm pretty sure we have a 19 month-old going on 3-year-old in the house! Every day I look at her and cannot believe just how big she's gotten and how much she's like a kid instead of a baby. It blows my mind! Our recent vacation was a great opportunity to see Miss H through [...]


19 Month Update

Here we are already at the 19 month mark.  As Leo on Little Einsteins (of which I have become a frequent watcher these days) always says, "I cannot believe it!" We had to delay Baby Checkers' 18 month check-up to 19 months because she has been sick since early December.  14 days of diarrhea, then [...]


19-Month Update

A wonderful reminder to all the beautiful, tired, sacrificial mama’s out there.

19 Month Update

Charlie turned 19 months old today! Let’s see what’s been going on in his little life the past month... Walking on The Highline (an elevated park built atop old freight train tracks). If you ever visit New York, this is a must stop -- it’s truly an urban oasis.  We got there bright and early [...]

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