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Two Month Update

I’m so late with this update, but I still cant believe our sweet little Juliet is 2 months old already!  She is such a little lovebug and full of smiles these days.  It’s such a joy watching her blossom, and I can already see the differences from when she was first born and even from [...]


Two Month Update

As much as I tried to stop him, Isaiah turned two months anyway.   Stats from his one month appointment (28 days old): Weight: 9lb 2.75oz – 50% Height: 20.25in – 25% Head: 14.75in – 75% Two month appointment: Weight: 11lb 15.25oz – 50% Height: 22.25in – 25% Head: 15.75in – 75%


2-Month and 28-Month Update

I can’t believe another month has passed!  Some weeks felt incredibly slow, like when I found myself at the peak of newborn fussiness, and other days zoomed by… where all he did was nap all afternoon, while this mama caught up on her blogging!  Here’s a brief breakdown of what these past two months were [...]


Two Month Update

Baby Markers is already two months old! And I must say each day is more fun than the last. Stats Baby M weighs over 11 lbs and measures 22.5 inches long. She is still wearing some newborn clothes, but is growing out of most of them in length. Between 7-8 weeks we pulled out her [...]

Two Months

Eloise is racing towards the three month mark at a much faster pace than I would like.  Three months means going back to work for me, packing away yet another set of clothes for her, and just generally lamenting how quickly time is passing.  Suffice it to say, I am holding onto two months with [...]


The Trikester: Two Month Update

Comparing these two photos is an accurate indicator of the differences between month one and month two. Oh man, month one was rough! I was too stressed to worry about even properly focusing my camera!

2012-09-23 09.19.42

2 Month / 33 Month Update

Let me just start by saying that when you have a baby, time flies by seriously quickly. After having a second, I feel like time is exponentially faster. Here is my very quick, very late update. Lil Miss Wagon 2 month stats: Weight: 16.16 lbs (99.8%) Length: 24.5 in (99.4%) Head Circumference: 16.4 in (99.8%)

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