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Two Month Update

I'm so late with this update, but I still cant believe our sweet little Juliet is 2 months old already!  She is such a little lovebug and full of smiles these days.  It's such a joy watching her blossom, and I can already see the differences from when she was first born and even from [...]


Two Month Update

As much as I tried to stop him, Isaiah turned two months anyway.   Stats from his one month appointment (28 days old): Weight: 9lb 2.75oz - 50% Height: 20.25in - 25% Head: 14.75in - 75% Two month appointment: Weight: 11lb 15.25oz - 50% Height: 22.25in - 25% Head: 15.75in - 75%


2-Month and 28-Month Update

I can't believe another month has passed!  Some weeks felt incredibly slow, like when I found myself at the peak of newborn fussiness, and other days zoomed by... where all he did was nap all afternoon, while this mama caught up on her blogging!  Here's a brief breakdown of what these past two months were [...]


Two Month Update

Baby Markers is already two months old! And I must say each day is more fun than the last. Stats Baby M weighs over 11 lbs and measures 22.5 inches long. She is still wearing some newborn clothes, but is growing out of most of them in length. Between 7-8 weeks we pulled out her [...]


The Trikester: Two Month Update

Comparing these two photos is an accurate indicator of the differences between month one and month two. Oh man, month one was rough! I was too stressed to worry about even properly focusing my camera!

2012-09-23 09.19.42

2 Month / 33 Month Update

Let me just start by saying that when you have a baby, time flies by seriously quickly. After having a second, I feel like time is exponentially faster. Here is my very quick, very late update. Lil Miss Wagon 2 month stats: Weight: 16.16 lbs (99.8%) Length: 24.5 in (99.4%) Head Circumference: 16.4 in (99.8%)


Baby H: 2 month update

I can't believe how big Baby H has grown - and that she is already 8 whole weeks! In so many ways the time has just flown by and I can't believe I go back to work in another month. I feel like I need so much more time at home 24/7 with my baby [...]

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