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2 Month Update

This biggest change this past month is that I went back to work. The transition has been challenging as we figure out how to efficiently manage our morning and night time routines. I know everyone says it gets easier, and it must since plenty of people have more than one kid, but it’s tough. In […]


8 week update

We’re almost over the 4th trimester hump. I’m elated that I can say that! Yes–the cold nights are still as difficult as I remember, particularly between 2-5am! But with each doctor’s visit, I’m shocked at her incredible growth and progress. Baby Pencil was born 6 lbs and 8 oz, but now at 2 months she’s almost […]

together daddy's girls

Comparing 2 months to 3 months

It’s hard to believe that another month has passed, and our baby girls are growing quickly in front of our eyes! As I mentioned before in this post, the differences in our babies’ development seem pretty vast when they are so young. The differences have continued as Lilly has grown to three months old and […]

About the same size. Baby Lilly on the left; Baby Audrey on the right.

Comparing one month to two months

With our baby girls five weeks apart, each day I get to see and experience the differences between a one-month-old and a two-month-old. I’ve been told by my mommy friends that the developmental gulf between the two that seems so huge to me right now will quickly disappear by nine months or so. But for […]

Baby Star Bright on her billiblanket to treat her jaundice.

A Two-Month Update

This Saturday will mark Baby Star Light’s two-month birthday. This also means that Baby Star Bright is quickly approaching her one-month birthday. I just cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! So how are things going for us? Let me quickly recap what’s been happening with the Starfish family… For starters, both babies are […]


Sweet P at 2 Months

Well, the second month of Sweet P’s life was a lot harder than the first. By the end of her second month it seemed like we were in full-on colic and reflux. Not fun for anyone. Although pediatricians don’t seem to diagnose colic (in our pediatrician’s case, I think it’s because there’s nothing he can do about […]


Sweet P at One Month Old!

When we brought home Little Piñata over 2.5 years ago, we had to write monthly updates for our agency. Even though it seemed kind of stressful at the time to sit down and write it all out, it really was a great opportunity to check out milestones each month and make a record of how […]

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