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olive 33 months

Olive’s 2 1/2 Year Update

The last time I wrote an update for Olive was over a year ago when she was 20 months old, so I thought an update was due before she turns 3 in October! S L E E P After I weaned last December, Mr. Bee took over Olive’s bedtime and we transitioned her out of her crib [...]

24 Months

Little Piñata at 24 Months

Boy, oh boy! I can’t believe we have a 2 year old! Weight & Length: Little Piñata is still quite the little dude at 23 lbs, which keeps him firmly in the 3rd percentile. I can’t remember his height (oops!), but I know he was in the 19th percentile. He may be thin, but he [...]


2 year update

Holy moly Bees.  We have a two-year-old on our hands over here.  Nearly 30 pounds, three feet tall and pure toddler. Colin’s early rising tendencies continue to drive me bonkers, but he is consistently getting 10.5 – 11.5 hours of nighttime sleep, and at least two hours of sleep during nap time.  In the past [...]


Miss H: 24 Month Update

Here we are with our happy, happy 2-year-old! I can’t believe that two years ago we welcomed this wiggly, adorable, oh-so-special bundle of joy into our lives! While not every day has been easy, we wouldn’t change a thing. Miss H is such a blessing! And our little blessing has been growing like a weed [...]

chair 4r

Liam – 24 months

This is when I stop using months and start using years, isn’t it? Nooooooo…..


Lilly Turns Two

My Dear Daughter, I started this letter the day you turned two.  Like any mother of an active toddler will tell you, it is hard to get anything done so I am finishing more than a week later.  This one is hitting your momma a little hard for some reason.  My little baby is not [...]


Aliya Turns 2

Aliya is now two-years-old.  I am the mother of a two-year-old. This means 1) we have survived two years of parenthood and 2) our child has survived two years of our parenting. Aliya’s second year of life (and our second year as parents) has felt vastly different from Year One.  Year One, particularly the first [...]

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