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Liam – 24 months

This is when I stop using months and start using years, isn’t it? Nooooooo…..


Lilly Turns Two

My Dear Daughter, I started this letter the day you turned two.  Like any mother of an active toddler will tell you, it is hard to get anything done so I am finishing more than a week later.  This one is hitting your momma a little hard for some reason.  My little baby is not [...]


Aliya Turns 2

Aliya is now two-years-old.  I am the mother of a two-year-old. This means 1) we have survived two years of parenthood and 2) our child has survived two years of our parenting. Aliya’s second year of life (and our second year as parents) has felt vastly different from Year One.  Year One, particularly the first [...]


Noelle at 2-Years Old

This last month leading up to her twos have been one of my favorites in recent memory!  When the holidays ended I was really sad knowing we had to go back to work, and she had to spend long days at preschool again.

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