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Gift Guide for Teachers, Nannies, & Coworkers

It can feel really hard to find the perfect gift for teachers, nannies, and coworkers, but it doesn’t have to be! In my experience, teachers, nannies, and coworkers are often the most appreciative among all gift recipients (despite all the viral articles claiming all teachers hate mugs). There are so many great gift ideas for this group, […]


Gift Guide for 7 Year Old Boys

Since Drake is my oldest, it’s always interesting to see what toys are out there for the older kids. These are some of the ones that perked my interest when I was searching out things to get Drake this year. 1) Seedling Design Your Own Marble Maze – Drake has been getting more into Minecraft recently and […]

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17 Gifts of Experience Ideas

Our kids have way too much stuff. Mr. Dolphin and I have way too much stuff. That’s why this year, we are asking our families, “No Gifts, Please.” We know that our four sets of grandparents are unlikely to abide by that and want to get our kids gifts, including tangible things like toys, books […]


Gift Guide for Co-Workers

I work in a small department at a large university and we are technically “not allowed” to celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t stop us in my office. The people I work closely with are really pretty awesome, so I really enjoy getting them gifts. If you are wondering what the heck to get your co-workers […]


Gift Guide for Husbands, Brothers, & Other Guys

It can feel really hard to find the perfect gift for your husband, brother, and other guys in your life, but it doesn’t have to be! There are so many great gift ideas for guys, 10 of which I’ve rounded up below (price listed subject to change and hopefully, maybe even drop during holiday sales): 1/ […]

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Shutterfly Gift Guide

I absolutely love Shutterfly. I use it multiple times throughout the year to print photos, make photo books, gifts and I order my Christmas cards every year from them. They’re having a sale that ends todayHere are 10 options! Pillows/Blankets – My parents are obsessed with their dog Pixie, so I uploaded some photos of her […]


Shopping Guide – Christmas Pajamas

You can check out the rest of our 2017 holiday gift guides here. Fun fact ~ my 4-year old son, Big P, loves Christmas pajamas so much that last year he accomplished a feat I had previously believed to be impossible. He destroyed a pair of Hanna Andersson pajamas. These St. Nick pajamas in fact, which may be my single favorite […]

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