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Holiday Gift Guide for the Grandma who has Everything

The grandmothers in my children’s lives don’t really “need” anything for the holidays. Every year we try hard to come up with unique gifts that show them how much we love spending time with them, even though some of them live far away. If you have a grandma who already “has it all” maybe one […]

mermaid book


In the last year I have become slightly obsessed with mermaids. As part of her Christmas gift, I bought Juliet Pearl and The Mermaid and the Shoe, which I’m eager to share with her. Here is a little round up of all the amazing mermaid things I have seen this past year. Ornament Wooden Playset Figures


Kitchen Tools for Winter Entertaining

Pretty much every birthday in our family falls between October and February. Add in all the major holidays, and the fact that our extended family is huge (locally we have 9 cousins alone!), and you can understand why we spend a lot of time celebrating during the winter. Because we have so many people to […]


Gift Guide for the Ninja Lover

Our little guys love ninjas and Lion even had a ninja-themed birthday party. Here are some of our favorite ninja-related toys, as well as some things from his wishlist. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Micro Mutant Pet to Playset – These TMNT micro mutants are perfect for traveling and we used them on a recent vacation. […]


12 Plastic-Free Toys your Toddler Will Love

Before I had kids, I tried hard to limit my plastic purchases. After a few years though, the plastic started to creep in. This year, after learning more about the devastating effects of over consumption of plastic products, we are committing to buying used when possible, and buying plastic-free gifts otherwise. If you have a […]


Gift for Early Readers and Writers

Now that Juliet is in kindergarten, she is starting to learn how to read, write, and spell. Fiona, who knows all her letters, is also learning how to write her name, letters and numbers in preschool. Both girls are doing wonderfully and the school helps them practice in a lot of fun and memorable ways. […]


Etsy Gifts for My Girls

Etsy is one of my favorite places to browse. I’m always in awe of the amazing things I can find on there, and have pinned so many ideas hoping to spark a new hobby or simply try something new with my own hands. Over the summer I was searching for favors for Fiona’s unicorn rainbow […]

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