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3 Year Update

I can barely believe our little boy is three years old! He is cautious, sweet, bright, silly and observant. (And occasionally a little monster.) Here’s a snapshot of Max at 3. Eating Max has always been a good eater and that is still true at 3. Like any well balanced human he has breakfast 1, […]


1 year / 3.5 year update

Baby Pizza – 1 Year Old Baby Pizza turned one last month!  While there are aspects of the baby stage I will miss, I am mostly excited that Baby Pizza will continue to reach some major milestones and keep blossoming into her own little self. Baby Pizza has had just two teeth since about six […]


Three Years Old

Here we are! Three years old. It’s so unbelievable for me to think that Isaiah is actually that old. I mean, he was just born. Isaiah: Isaiah is a very healthy, very big boy. At his three year check, he was 95% in height and weight. He is extremely active, and never stops moving. I would […]


Early Intervention, Parenting Over the First Five Years (and Olive’s 3 Year Update)

Olive started a new preschool this past September and turned 3 last month. All of a sudden she no longer seems like a baby! I never thought Charlie was a baby when he was 3, 2, or even 1, but it really is true how you tend to baby the youngest and last child. I […]



We now have a three-year-old on our hands.  When did that happen? I remember approaching the first birthday as an emotional wreck.  My baby was not going to be a baby anymore!  She became a toddling, talking not-so-baby baby after she turned one, and her personality continued to explode. Then she turned two.  And I […]


Noelle turns Three.

THREE.   That feels like such a big number for my little girl!  I can’t believe she’s THREE.  It feels like we’re crossing a big bridge I’m not ready for.  I didn’t really mourn her babyhood when she turned one, or even when she turned two.  She still felt like a baby to me these past couple […]


8/9 Month and 34/35 Month Update

Been so behind with the updates!  Here we go… JAREN Stats No stats at the time of this update, but he is currently wearing 12 month onesies, 9-12 month tops, 18 month sleepers, 12-18 month pants (mostly because of his big belly, they end up being too long for him though), and in size 4 […]

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