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We now have a three-year-old on our hands.  When did that happen? I remember approaching the first birthday as an emotional wreck.  My baby was not going to be a baby anymore!  She became a toddling, talking not-so-baby baby after she turned one, and her personality continued to explode. Then she turned two.  And I [...]


Noelle turns Three.

THREE.   That feels like such a big number for my little girl!  I can’t believe she’s THREE.  It feels like we’re crossing a big bridge I’m not ready for.  I didn’t really mourn her babyhood when she turned one, or even when she turned two.  She still felt like a baby to me these past couple [...]


8/9 Month and 34/35 Month Update

Been so behind with the updates!  Here we go… JAREN Stats No stats at the time of this update, but he is currently wearing 12 month onesies, 9-12 month tops, 18 month sleepers, 12-18 month pants (mostly because of his big belly, they end up being too long for him though), and in size 4 [...]

palette update_4

Little palettes: 3 year and 4 month update

Stats: Gemma- 38″, 33lbs Summer- 26″, 18lbs


15 Month / 3 Year 10 Month Update

In my last monthly update I said I wasn’t sure if I’d continue these updates monthly anymore. Then the 14 month update was reeeeeally late… so here we are with the 15 month update!! (also late…) It’s an exciting one with lots of new things, so read on, dear reader!

Interview with Wagon Jr.

I shamelessly stole this idea from Mrs. Paintbrush‘s blog! One of my favorite things about parenting is talking. I love the process of babies learning how to talk, and as they get older, it only gets better and better. I tried to do this interview with Wagon Jr. when he was almost 3 and it [...]


10 Month / 3 Year 5 Month Update

Here I am with my next monthly update and I just can’t believe it. For a change, there is quite a bit to report on both kids! We have been going through a lot of changes lately and thankfully, most of them are good changes. Lil Miss Wagon The biggest change of all this month [...]

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