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5 Month and 31 Month Update

This has been a great month for us!  Baby J is developing at lightning speed and it’s mind-boggling to me that I’ve had him for almost half a year now.  Can’t believe it’s AUGUST!  What in the world… JAREN We decided to shave his hair because it was falling out anyway and he was getting […]


7 and 31 Month Update

Wonder Baby is 7 months old!  She’s been a bit crankier this month.  Before getting mobile she would hang out on her hands and knees and yell.  Often she wakes up yelling (not screaming or crying…yelling!).  I call her my little rage muffin.  She’s happiest outside on a blanket (loves the breeze in her hair), […]

9 months 22

9 Month and 31 Month Updates

Olive turned 9 months old last week! I think her 8th month of life has been the month with the most changes to date. She’s sleeping well, eating like a little monster, sitting up, crawling, and generally just a super happy baby! She looks like such a little lady now. Check out how little hair […]

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