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35 Month Update

We have about one month left before we have a three-year-old in our hands! My little big girl Language:  As Toddler Checkers inches closer and closer to the 3-year mark, her language continues to explode which has resulted in a number of funny conversations between us and our not-yet-3-year-old. On friendship… Me:  Aliya, is Dempsey […]


12 and 35 Month Updates

Can you believe how big they are?  What happened to my squishy little baby and my toddler?  They’ve officially outgrown their nicknames :(.  I tried to think of something clever, but I’m just going to go with their nicknames from my blog (I’m not into using their real names online; it’s a thing for me). […]


4 Month / 35 Month Update

This update is just a tad late (ok ok, it’s almost 2 weeks late!). I’ve had it written for a while, but I needed some recent pictures to post! So here we go. Lil Miss Wagon Oh, my sweet baby girl. LMW is still growing like crazy and her personality is coming out more and […]

13 Month and 35 Month Update

Olive turned 13 months old this month! It’s been really tough the past two months because Olive was sick nonstop with colds, 2 ear infections, and a respiratory virus. But she’s finally better, we re-sleep trained this week, and we’re all happier. Here’s what’s been going on in her little baby life! Olive loves crawling […]

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