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Six Months of Max

In what seems like the blink of an eye, Baby Oats is six months old. He’s still so little, but it feels like he’s been part of our family forever. Little Oats loves him more than anything, and he completely adores her too! We’ve dealt with a fair bit in Baby Oats’ half a year; […]


Sweet P at 6 months

Sweet P just turned 7 months old yesterday, but like many moms, I am way behind at pretty much everything! Since I’m wanting to at least write quarterly updates, I will just share where she was at 6 months, and hopefully get around to writing about the rest of the craziness in our lives soon […]


Baby Pencil’s 6 month update

It’s been half a year (unbelievable) since this little guy came into the world. From being someone who ignored children, to being terrified of giving birth, to having a terrible recovery, to postpartum depression… I’m finally at a wonderful place. Perhaps I’m here now because it’s the extreme opposite of everything I endured? Whatever the […]

Happy 6 months!

Winter had her six month check up recently where I was excited she would get her first flu shot! I had been exclusively breastfeeding up until this point, so when the doctor told me that she had dropped on her own growth curve, I was saddened. I plugged all her weights into an app and […]

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6 & 7 Month Update

Oh man, what a character we have! Little Lion’s personality continues to develop, and every day he seems more and more like his own little person! Schedule Alas, this is still all over the place, and I fully believe I am completely to blame. We are going on a long vacation this month, so maybe […]

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Six Month Update

I know, I know, all parents say it, but this month snuck up on me. I cannot believe it’s been six months since he was born, and I cannot believe how much he’s changed. Weight: 19lb 3oz Length: 27″ Eating: We started purees at the beginning of August, so he had just turned 5 months. […]


6 Month and 32 Month Update

With the weather so nice lately, and the sun setting no earlier than 7:30 pm, we’ve been spending a lot of our afternoons outdoors, often taking our dinners outside in the form of a picnic.  We lay out our blankets, eat simple food, while watching the kids play at the park.

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