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6 & 7 Month Update

Oh man, what a character we have! Little Lion's personality continues to develop, and every day he seems more and more like his own little person! Schedule Alas, this is still all over the place, and I fully believe I am completely to blame. We are going on a long vacation this month, so maybe [...]


7 Month and 33 Month Update

I am soooo behind on this update... This month has been really good to us.  Everything's been peaceful, no one's been ill, the kids are both sleeping through the night (for the most part), and I am finding my footing again.  Last month was tough on me, so I'm grateful for this reprieve before the next [...]


Seven Month Update

This month was full of milestones! Stats: Baby Markers weighs 15.2 lbs and is 24 inches long. My tiny girl is small but mighty! She's wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothing, and we just graduated to size 3 Honest diapers.


The Trikester: 7 Month Update

Yup...only a month late with this post. Why hello there, cutie pie! Sleep Woo hoo! We sleep trained this month and it has been WONDERFUL. Well, the actual training part was miserable, but the results are amazing. The Trikester now sleeps in his crib at night, and although I still bounce him on the exercise [...]

Scribble @ 7 Months

Wow, what a pleasure the seventh month turned out to be! Scribble was so adaptable and content this month!  We started our seventh month with a trip to the beach, and he did beautifully. We endured two seven hour car trips in the space of a week and he didn't cry during either leg of [...]

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7 Month / 3 Year 2 Month Update

Ok, I'm going to stop apologizing for being late with these updates. At this point in life, better late than never!! The kids have still managed to dodge major illness this winter, although I've been knocked out with several illnesses at once this whole past week. February is over, which means we are March-ing (heh) [...]


Liam - 7 months

Liam turned 7 months old a couple of weeks ago! The biggest change this month was that he started crawling just a couple of days before Halloween, which means we now have a mobile baby! He's growing so fast!

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