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Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet, Eight months in a blink of an eye.  Where does the time go?  Sometimes when I look at you I cant believe how big you are (even if you are still very little in size). Life is so different when you are the second child, I know. Mommy never gets to devote her [...]


8/9 Month and 34/35 Month Update

Been so behind with the updates!  Here we go... JAREN Stats No stats at the time of this update, but he is currently wearing 12 month onesies, 9-12 month tops, 18 month sleepers, 12-18 month pants (mostly because of his big belly, they end up being too long for him though), and in size 4 [...]


Eight Month Update

Stats No height and weight this month but we go to the doctor in 2 weeks! I'm guessing she's around 18 lbs and 25 inches long... we'll see! She's still in most of her 6 month clothes but fitting into 9 month pants well.

Scribble @ 8 Months

Wow, what a month! Month eight was a bigger challenge than the previous one, but it was also a real joy and a blessing for us! A departure from our usual monthly photos; here are some from our recent shoot with Clemons-Stroup Photography


8 Month / 3 Year 3 Month Update

It has been absolute madness in the Wagon house lately... even more than usual. I was sick for 2.5 weeks straight and even though we're all well again, we're still playing catch up. There was no cooking, cleaning, or laundry done for almost 3 weeks straight, so now we're trying to catch up one hour [...]


Baby H: 7 & 8 Month Update

I can't believe I'm so behind on my updates! Things have been incredibly busy in the Hopscotch household and Mr. H was holding our weekly photos hostage on his camera. I'm excited to get back into writing these, as these updates help ensure I remember all of the special, exciting details about Baby H's growth [...]

scooter 8 month1

Eight Month Update

On Christmas Day, Baby O turned 8 months old. I won’t say I can’t believe she’s already 8 months and I won’t ask where did the time go? Because everyone reading this blog already understands that these things go without saying. What I will say is I am still pleasantly surprised at how fun Baby [...]

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