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Make a No-Sew HedgehogPurse

Make a No-Sew Hedgehog Bag

Children carrying around little bags filled with their most precious items are just the cutest. They want to be like their parents, but they get to do so with the sweetest looking purses and pouches. This little no-sew bag will hold the essentials (tiny dolls, chapstick, cars, etc.), and is designed to look like a hedgehog! As […]

Easy DIY Animal Necklaces on Hello Bee

Easy DIY Animal Necklaces

There’s something about little plastic animals that is so hard to resist. They’re fun to play with and it feels pretty awesome to wear one around your neck! When I found these colorful dinosaurs and fantasy horses in the Dollar Spot at Target, I knew they would be perfect for wearing. Regular plastic animals work […]


DIY felt flower crown

I’ve been wanting to make a felt flower crown for Gemma for a long time so I finally gave it a try! I used a simple women’s headband that I already had and some felt in various colors. Before I started the project, I made some simple felt flowers (from this tutorial). I use this […]


“Burnt” Flower Headband Tutorial

I love making these headbands as gifts for friends who are having baby girls; they are relatively easy, take less than 30 minutes and are so beautiful.


DIY Yarn Wrapped Headband

What to do with those leftover yarn scaps? Put them to use creating a striped headband! My niece and I have been having some really fun craft sessions lately, and she was in need of a headband to contain her beautiful blonde curls. Those yarn pieces saved the day and took a plain plastic headband […]


Headbands & Hairclips for baby, toddler and beyond!

My daughter has a box just full of headbands and hair clips. When she was a baby, I loved headbands; they were adorable on a bald baby head, and sometimes helped curb the “he’s so cute!” As a toddler, she’s more keen on hair clips as they hold her long bangs back and out of […]


Coco Penny Hairclips

I’ve received several comments asking where I buy Olive’s hairpins, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite resources! First up is Coco Penny. We have a number of their sweet felt flowers and bows, and love how they can be clipped onto a headband. Luckily Olive’s hair has really started coming […]

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