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7 Great Summer Sensory Activities

As a SAHM, I’m always trying to come up with creative arts & crafts activities, science projects, or just fun, messy things to do. I usually browse Pinterest once a week, or every other week, in order to see if there’s anything new we haven’t tried before. But this summer I’m feeling an extra push […]

Craft Ideas at Five - How we Montessori for Hello Bee

Craft activities – for my five year old.

With my children being on school holidays, I’m looking to some fresh craft ideas to keep them busy. These are all activities that my five year old enjoys. In the Montessori way, we have presented them in trays and baskets on our shelves. IKEA PYSSLA Beads, similar to Perler Beads. These are really popular in […]

Book extension and play ideas at Hello Bee

Book extension and play ideas!

Most young children love books and often have their favourites. My five-year-old likes not only to read his favourite books but also to act them out, to role play with them. He will get out toys and retell the stories. This feels like important play and important for his development. To make it easier, and […]


Car Activities for Toddlers

We recently took an 8 hour road trip with M. To entertain him we brought along a couple books, one toy cars and an iPad. If you have traveled a lot with a toddler you are probably laughing at our serious lack of toddler entertainment. Needless to say, we spent about 5 minutes on the […]

Butterfly Felt Board Activity

Design a Butterfly Felt Board Activity

I like the idea of butterflies. They’re so pretty, they do wonderful things to help your flower garden, and their metamorphosis is truly amazing. But way they flit and flutter isn’t my favorite. That’s where felt butterflies come in. They stay still and there’s a creative element when you design your own on a felt […]

M had a blast helping us wash the car!

Easy Water Activities for Toddlers

M had a blast helping us wash the car! Last weekend we were out on the driveway washing the cars. We gave M his own sponge so he could “help” us and were surprised at how much fun he had playing in the water. We ended up giving him his own bucket along with a […]


10 Summer Activities for a Toddler and Preschooler

Things have been a bit crazy over here in the Lion household! We are taking a bit of a break this summer and I have cut my work hours and the kids’ daycare hours back to two days a week, so we are looking forward to lots of fun in the sun this summer! Little […]

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