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Fighting Cabin Fever with a One Year Old

We, like the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States, just got a TON of snow. We, like many of you, were so excited to play in said snow with our kid. Snow angels! Snowballs! Hours of fun which would result in record-breaking naps! Ha. This one year old thinks snow is cool and all, […]

Montessori Sink Float Activity

Two Easy Montessori Activities – Sink/Float and Magnetic/Non-Magnetic

Today I wanted to share with you two easy Montessori activities. Both of these activities explore scientific concepts including buoyancy (floatation) and magnetism. For these activities we have used only items we have around the house including: pinecones, sponge, feathers, wood piece, button, branch, metal screw, bull clip, small padlock, rock, mini wooden peg, paper […]


All Natural Homemade Play Dough

I have a confession to make. As much as I love the Earth and green living, one of the biggest motivations to going zero waste is because I’m lazy. It’s true. I’m a total homebody and I hate driving. Or going places. I may be the only mom blogger in America that can’t stand Target. […]


Toddler Camp

Since Little SB isn’t in preschool yet, I’m always on the lookout for fun and engaging activities for her. Whenever I do a google search for activities there are a lot of things that come up, which can be overwhelming because I’m not sure if that activity or program will be enjoyable for her. That’s […]


Fall Activity: Nature Scavenger Hunt and Collage

I’ve been wanting to do a fall┬áscavenger hunt with the kids ever since the leaves started to change colors. I decided to take advantage of the good weather we had last week and took Lil’ Pizza and Baby Pizza along with some friends and their kids around our neighborhood. It was a beautiful fall day, […]


Craft idea – Wikki Stix

It may be because I am Australian, but I have only recently discovered Wikki Stix. I can’t believe how fabulous they are! They are non toxic, bendable and made in the USA. They are fantastic for fine motor skills and developing creativity. The learning opportunities are endless. I love craft ideas which can be used […]


Learning ABCs

Somewhere between the ages of three to four years old most children will start to learn their ABCs! Some children will learn earlier and some later. The Montessori approach to literacy begins with learning letters phonetically. This means the child learns ‘a’ not ‘A.’ They learn the sound of the letter, not the name of […]

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