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The way we play

Play and learning have always been of big interest to me. My mother is a teacher, and I worked with kids of all ages all through high school and college, so when it came time for me to become a mom, I really took the idea of being my child’s first teacher head on. Before [...]


Mrs. High Heel’s Summer Fun List

Ever since I read Mrs. Cowgirl’s original Summer Fun List two summers ago, I have wanted to implement one of my own – I thought the idea was completely genius! I am a huge checklist person… it just makes me so happy. Sometimes I even put things on my lists that I’ve already done just [...]


Target Blocks: Fun Foam Finds

I think we’re at a really fun stage in the Bear household right now. Both cubs are very enthusiastic when it comes to learning things – in Patrick’s case, he’s actually listening and trying to mimic my actions to the best of his ability then improving on my meager attempts at creative play. In Olivia’s [...]


Object Printing Abstract Art

Tomorrow will be my tenth art class! This has been such a fun and busy summer. I thought I’d give you an update on one of the projects we completed a few weeks ago. This one was abstract art using objects and tempura paint to create prints. The kids had a blast with this project [...]

James working on his F is for Frog page

Summer Theme Weeks: Grimm Brother Fairy Tales

When the summer started, I knew exactly how I wanted to kick off our time together. Since I was young, I have always loved fairy tales. Even as a grownup I adore reading and watching all the different variations of the stories, and I wanted explore them with my kids. I could have spent the [...]


Learning Materials for Toddlers – DIY Montessori Toys

Little Lion is at such a fun age right now. He is finally beginning to “play” in a more traditional sense. Until now, play for him mostly consisted of climbing, running, reaching for anything that was clearly off limits, pulling everything out of cabinets…you get the idea. Now, though, he is interested in putting things [...]


Activities for Long Summer Days

Summer is here! ┬áDrake ended his first year of preschool on the 12th of June, and I am now starting down the barrel of 11 weeks of summer… oh what shall we do! While I do love having him home with me, I also felt like a summer spent at home with Juliet and me [...]

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