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A roundup of 40 adorable and simple fall crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

40 Fall Crafts for Toddlers

Fall is here, y’all! This is my absolute favorite time of year, and I get completely giddy once the weather starts to cool off and the leaves begin to fall. I’m hoping to instill the same love of this wonderful season into Jackson as he gets older, so I’ve been spending some time lately gathering […]

Museum and Beach day combined!

Adventure days

As our summer vacation was ending, Mr. Train was having a very busy time at work.  He works from home and has his own office, but when there are four kids running around screaming like banshees it can be a bit distracting. In order to help both of us from losing our minds, I decided that I […]


Ten Things to Do When You’re Home with a Sick Toddler

It’s the changing of the seasons! Hooray, fall! It’s the beginning of cold and flu season. Womp womp. I recently spent a wonderful, lovely day at home with my darling two year old as he fought a fever, sore throat and general illness that rendered him a monster so sad that I couldn’t help but pity […]


10 Ways to Play with Sidewalk Chalk

You guys, sidewalk chalk is my new favorite toy. It is so cheap, so versatile, and allows even my 18 month old to be creative without being TOO messy. It is portable and easy to throw in the basket of the stroller so we always have it at the park. Here’s a collection of some of […]

supplies needed

Tissue Paper Art-Two Ways

I am by no means under the impression that this will be first time you’ve seen this type of art project (it’s even been featured here on Hellobee. It’s definitely a classic! However, I wanted to bring this one out and blow off the dust a little, and remind you about all of the educational […]

I love these ideas on using a light box with young kids! It's such a great activity to keep kids engaged and promote exploration!

Do you use a Light Table?

Do you have a light table at home? If so, I’d love to hear how you use it. Here are a few ways we are using the light table in our home! Building with Magformers. Magna-Tiles would be fun too! Using color overlays. I printed these at home with downloads from Mr. Printables. So far, these would have […]

21 Fun activities for toddlers on rainy days - this list is a great resource for affordable ideas for keeping your little ones busy when you can't go outside!

21 Affordable Rainy Day Activities for Three Year Olds

Blerg, rainy days. We’ve had a surprising number of them lately considering we live in Central Texas in a semi-arid climate. I love the rain because it means our rivers, lakes, and aquifers are filling up, but I don’t always love being stuck indoors with an active three year old. On those long afternoons after […]

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