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Straw art with Tempera paint at How we Montessori

Some fun craft and art ideas

I’m always looking for new and fun craft and art ideas to do with my children. I choose activities I think they will like, but I also try to expose them to new materials and techniques. Here are a few craft and art activities we have tried recently. Above we used tempera paint (with lots […]

Cutting tray basic at How we Montessori

Scissor Cutting Practice

My son was around two years old when we first introduced a scissor cutting tray. The first step was to select a suitable pair of scissors. There are lots of child friendly scissors available. We chose a pair that were small for his hands, were sharp enough to cut paper and had a blunt tip. […]


Mommy Camp

Hanging loose this summer It has been an action packed summer here at Mom Camp Headquarters: Visited six states,  played with nine distant cousins, enjoyed countless ice cream cones and we’ve almost worn holes in our Native Jeffersons (not even sure how that is possible!) – and summer isn’t over yet. In early May I looked into day […]

DIY Montessori Mystery Box at How we Montessori

DIY Montessori Mystery Box

In Montessori Schools, children often use a Mystery Box. The idea is for the child to place their arms into the box and feel the item/s inside. This isolates their senses. They identify the item/s in the box by touch only! Once I found the right sized box, this DIY took me less than five […]

Heavy Work Activities for Toddlers-150729

Heavy Work for Active Toddlers

Over the course of Little Lion’s life, I have often described him as “active” and “busy” and “full of energy.” This is not uncommon for toddlers, but as I start to see him more and more around his peers, I have noticed that he seems to be even more “active” and “busy” and “full of […]


DIY Toddler Activity Kit With Printable Activity Cards and Shopping List

When it comes to providing fun activities for Little Lion to do throughout the day I commonly run into two big problems: 1) I have a hard time thinking of ideas off the top of my head and don’t always want to dig through Pinterest to find something. 2) I hate when setting up an […]

No zoo around? No problem! Head to a pet store for some fun!

Big City Fun in a Small Town

I’ve struggled a lot recently with our small town. At first glance, it’s not very kid/family friendly. Parks are limited, pools are practically non-existent; zoos, aquariums, and anything that resembles “fun” are hours away. I was stumped on how to entertain my daughter (especially in the southern heat when stepping outside makes you feel like […]

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