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Butterfly Felt Board Activity

Design a Butterfly Felt Board Activity

I like the idea of butterflies. They’re so pretty, they do wonderful things to help your flower garden, and their metamorphosis is truly amazing. But way they flit and flutter isn’t my favorite. That’s where felt butterflies come in. They stay still and there’s a creative element when you design your own on a felt […]

M had a blast helping us wash the car!

Easy Water Activities for Toddlers

M had a blast helping us wash the car! Last weekend we were out on the driveway washing the cars. We gave M his own sponge so he could “help” us and were surprised at how much fun he had playing in the water. We ended up giving him his own bucket along with a […]


10 Summer Activities for a Toddler and Preschooler

Things have been a bit crazy over here in the Lion household! We are taking a bit of a break this summer and I have cut my work hours and the kids’ daycare hours back to two days a week, so we are looking forward to lots of fun in the sun this summer! Little […]


40 Springtime Crafts & Activities for Kids

I love springtime – the weather is finally getting nice again and there is a hint of summer in the air… I finally start to feel like it’s actually coming! Of course, sometimes spring can get a little frustrating now that we have a toddler – all the rain can sometimes leave us feeling trapped […]

Kid-Friendly Nature Mobile

Make a Nature Mobile with Your Kids

When spring comes along, I’m so eager for sunshine and kids are especially ready to get outside again. When you walk through your yard or neighborhood, you’re likely to see new growth, as well as a few bits of nature left from the previous seasons. Celebrate¬†our beautiful world and the plants and trees around us […]

Montessori Apples at Hello Bee

Montessori Practical Life – Making Apple Slinkys

Have you tried making apply slinkys with your toddler? This is a really fun way to make a healthy snack. I have seen this apple slicer in every Montessori toddler class I have been to, and I ¬†just had to try it at home! Now it’s a favourite. Supervision and adult help (often to get […]


40 Spring Craft Ideas For Kids

Jackson has reached a really fun age for crafts and seasonal activities. He really understands a lot of the holidays and weather changes, and he is thrilled to try anything new like painting or other arts and crafts. He does a lot of things at school, but now that he’s getting older I’d like to […]

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