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20 No Mess Sensory Activities

I recently posted some ways to make sensory play more manageable at home, but I also wanted to share some super fun ideas that will be great for the next few wintery months! And the best part about this list? These activities aren’t messy, and most of the materials are things you probably have around […]

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Pipsticks Monthly Sticker Subscription

I’d been looking for a good sticker book for the kids for a while when Maureen (a fellow Brooklyn mom and sticker lover) at Pipsticks contacted me about her new monthly sticker subscription service. I was excited to give it a try because like most kids, Charlie and Olive love stickers, and it’s a perfect […]

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Making Sensory Play Manageable at Home

As we head into another long cold winter, the days are shorter and time for playing outside is limited. For those of us at home with kiddos all day, it won’t take long before we are out of “quiet” activities to do. And let’s be honest…the quiet activities usually aren’t the ones that the kids […]

How To Make Cardboard Even More Fun For Kids!

Between the deliveries of diapers and household products, we always seem to have an over abundance of cardboard boxes to recycle. (Because the less shopping we must do with baby in tow the better, right?!) I constantly find myself pinning inspiration for awesome cardboard DIY creations for kids, and decided it was time to round […]

Fall Nature Crafts For Kids

I love doing crafts with Drake, and fall is a great time for them because there are so many crafts we can create with things we find outside. With the leaves changing colors and falling everywhere, as well as sticks, acorns, and rocks to collect, it’s the perfect way to spend the day with my […]

Sitting in shopping carts is way overrated

Engaging a Highly Curious, Active Child

Parenting is indeed the ultimate adventure, and it is especially so when you end up having a kid who is the polar opposite of both you and your co-parent. Mr. Carrot and I are the definition of low key people. We’re not very physically active (to our own detriment, but that’s another discussion), and before […]


48 Activities Inspired by Popular Children’s Books

I recently blogged about 8 Ways for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Children, and mentioned that one way to build upon their reading interest is to do activities based on books.  As I continued to work through how I’d make that more of a reality in my home, I decided to compile a list of […]

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