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Our At-Home “Classroom”

At barely 16 months, Little Lion is nowhere near ready for actual “lessons”, but I love the idea of having a place for his materials that have been chosen specifically to work on certain skills. This “classroom” is not really a room, but rather is a corner of our living room. Having a separate room for this [...]


Less Mess Indoor Sensory Bin

As the days are getting hotter and my little man is developing some new skills, I wanted to create a sensory bin for indoors that was less messy than most. I love being able to open it up daily without much set up or clean up. Not only was it easy and inexpensive, but his [...]

Planning Summer Theme Weeks

In one of my last posts, I said that I would be doing theme weeks again for my kids this summer (last year we did Alaska, The Solar System and Space, and Wizards and Magic).  One of the most common questions I get is how the heck I come up with this stuff.  The simple [...]


A True Sensory Experience: Botanic Gardens

Ever since we realized our daughter Olive was a “sensory seeker,” we’ve been on the constant lookout for sensory experiences for her. Sensory experiences stimulate her sensory stimuli – so we’ve been on the lookout for pretty much anything that she can see, touch, feel, smell, and taste. To our surprise, one of the best [...]


Summer Fun List 2014

It’s that time again! We still have 9 more school days left (this school year feels like it’s been an eternity!!!), but gosh, are we ready for summer! With this being Lil’ CB’s last summer before starting real big boy school (aka, Kindergarten), we put some extra thought into this year’s Summer Fun List… This [...]


Hands up if you’ve ever geocached. What is geocaching? It’s a real life treasure hunt that you can do almost anywhere in the world! Basically you pick an area, decide on a cache to find, and use a clue and GPS coordinates to uncover a container of trinkets. Take a toy, leave a toy. Some [...]


Practical Life at 15 Months

While I am not specifically Montessori trained, I find myself aligning with the Montessori philosophies quite often as I make decisions as a parent. I believe that a lot of the Montessori practices that encourage independence help toddlers feel in control, and this will help to cut down on power struggles and frustration through early childhood. [...]

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