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James working on his F is for Frog page

Summer Theme Weeks: Grimm Brother Fairy Tales

When the summer started, I knew exactly how I wanted to kick off our time together. Since I was young, I have always loved fairy tales. Even as a grownup I adore reading and watching all the different variations of the stories, and I wanted explore them with my kids. I could have spent the [...]


Learning Materials for Toddlers – DIY Montessori Toys

Little Lion is at such a fun age right now. He is finally beginning to “play” in a more traditional sense. Until now, play for him mostly consisted of climbing, running, reaching for anything that was clearly off limits, pulling everything out of cabinets…you get the idea. Now, though, he is interested in putting things [...]


Activities for Long Summer Days

Summer is here!  Drake ended his first year of preschool on the 12th of June, and I am now starting down the barrel of 11 weeks of summer… oh what shall we do! While I do love having him home with me, I also felt like a summer spent at home with Juliet and me [...]


Our At-Home “Classroom”

At barely 16 months, Little Lion is nowhere near ready for actual “lessons”, but I love the idea of having a place for his materials that have been chosen specifically to work on certain skills. This “classroom” is not really a room, but rather is a corner of our living room. Having a separate room for this [...]


Less Mess Indoor Sensory Bin

As the days are getting hotter and my little man is developing some new skills, I wanted to create a sensory bin for indoors that was less messy than most. I love being able to open it up daily without much set up or clean up. Not only was it easy and inexpensive, but his [...]

Planning Summer Theme Weeks

In one of my last posts, I said that I would be doing theme weeks again for my kids this summer (last year we did Alaska, The Solar System and Space, and Wizards and Magic).  One of the most common questions I get is how the heck I come up with this stuff.  The simple [...]


A True Sensory Experience: Botanic Gardens

Ever since we realized our daughter Olive was a “sensory seeker,” we’ve been on the constant lookout for sensory experiences for her. Sensory experiences stimulate her sensory stimuli – so we’ve been on the lookout for pretty much anything that she can see, touch, feel, smell, and taste. To our surprise, one of the best [...]

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