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The birth of a story: Friday the 13th

As I went to bed the night before the C-section after our birth parent dinner, I was overcome with the feeling that something bad was about to happen. When Friday, February 13th was chosen as the C-section date, I hesitantly asked if it could be a different date.  There is no evidence to say that […]

Birth of a story: birth parent dinner

Sorry there’s been a delay in my telling of the “Theodorable–The Jack of Hearts” birth story. Adoption birth stories already have an extra layer of complexity, since the addition of a new member to one family means a loss to another family… but add in a critically ill baby and the story gets extremely complicated […]

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After over a year of waiting and having no movement within our adoption process for our Lil’ Cowgirl, about a month ago, we received the news that our girl’s paperwork was submitted for her Emigration Permit, or EP — hence the EEEEEEP! So, here’s what this means…EP approval is one the final steps needed before […]

Less than a week to go: checklist manifesto

Time is running short before we head off to the hospital for the final hill and drop of our current roller-coaster ride. We are in nervous anticipation, but also surprisingly calm. Part of that is because we’ve been so busy with family life. It’s my high season at work, so long hours have been the […]

Roller coaster update

When I last updated you with the emotional part of our current adoption process, we were in a deep dark place while hoping and waiting for placement. Since that time, we’ve had moments of elation and moments of despair. Such is the story with matched and waiting adoptive families. It’s interesting. If you go with […]


Piñata Family of Four!

I am pleased (and still in shock) to announce that the Pinata family is now a family of 4! Eek! Just 2 days after Christmas, we got an email from our social worker at our local agency asking us to call her ASAP. There was an exclamation point after her request to call her, so […]


Roller Coaster

I don’t want to be too alarmist, but we may have run into some complications. Some people think of adoption as an easy way to have a baby. But in reality the process is filled with ups and downs. It’s a roller coaster. And like a roller coaster, you can’t get off until the ride […]

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