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Together At Last.

Less than two hours ago, our daughter was placed into my arms and my care. Forever. 638 days have passed since we first saw our Lil’ Cowgirl’s face and those days felt like an eternity. And now suddenly, those days are behind us and we begin a whole new journey. It is absolutely surreal that […]

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Meeting Our Daughter

It’s hard to describe what it’s like meeting your daughter after watching her grow up through pictures over the last 17 months… It’s been about a month since we met our Lil’ Cowgirl and I’m still processing it and trying to wrap my head around all of the emotions and thoughts and feelings of that […]

A Song For You

During both of the waits for our children (this one is almost over — whohoo!!), without any thought or planning, there has been a song that really hit home and brought on a surge of emotion without warning. It’s funny how songs can do that; when you take a moment to really listen, depending your […]

From Only to Oldest

You’re probably going to figure out who wrote this pretty quickly, but I’m publishing it anonymously so I can be as real and honest as possible without having it be searchable later one. Ja feel? So, here’s the thing. The Mr. and I are super duper excited about the upcoming arrival of our little girl. […]

Communicating With Our Donors

When Mr. P and I decided to adopt embryos, we initially thought we would go through anonymous donation so that we wouldn’t have to communicate with the donor parents. As we went through the process we changed our minds and wound up creating an open agreement with a wonderful set of donors. Even though Mr. […]


And We Have Movement!

LITERALLY!!! Oh, hive, I am bursting at the seams to share some good news with you! That’s right, after 561 days, we finally, FINALLY got the news that we can go to Korea to meet our Lil’ Cowgirl! AHHHH!!! We’ve been in process for over 3 years and now that we’re nearing the end, it’s almost […]


Next and Final Steps!

One hundred forty-five days. That’s about 22 weeks. Or five months. It might seem like a random, arbitrary number, but that’s how long we waited for our Emigration Permit approval. That’s right, waited. Which means we are no longer waiting — we got it! Though we waited much, much, much longer than we had anticipated, we are […]

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