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Telling the girls

As with our last adoption, we have very little time between when we matched and when we'll be bringing a baby home. This means that there is no time to withhold any of the information from the girls while the situation becomes more stable. We were going to have to tell them about the baby [...]

Where We've Been this Year

I haven't blogged for a long time for a few reasons. The logistical reason is that getting used to working from home with a 2 year old at home at the same time has made time management pretty tricky. And emotionally, it has been a hard year in terms of our adoption wait. Since we [...]

The Amazing Race

Within the first 24 hours of finding out that Jack Jack's little sibling was soon to be born, we re-worked our entire idea of what our family was going to look like, did extensive calculations about our financial capabilities, and had some emotional conversations with family members and friends. We knew that saying yes would [...]

You finally find peace, and... Part III

It was indeed a sleepless night. First thing in the morning, we were scrambling to see if we could work out the financials to bring home Jack Jack's sibling. We wanted to talk to all the right people to see if we were thinking logically and putting together a plan that made sense going into [...]

You finally find peace, and... Part II

After what seemed like days, Mr. Jacks finally called me back. I had told him earlier in the day that the agency had called and that I must have somehow been in trouble with them. So it wasn't surprising that his first words were, "What did you do?" in a Ricky Ricardo voice. My response [...]

You finally find peace, and...

You might remember that back in May I was grappling with the same question that so many of us struggle with. How do any of us know when our family is complete? I couldn't shake the feeling back then that maybe the Jacks Family wasn't yet whole, though I also couldn't see a clear path [...]


Celebrating National Adoption Month

In the United States, November is recognized as "National Adoption Month." The particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in the foster care system. Clearly, we did not adopt our boys through the foster care system. But that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy marking this month as a reason to [...]

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