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End-of-Summer Reads

Hey, wait…summer isn’t over yet! There is still plenty of sunshine and watermelon left to enjoy. Not to mention, isn’t August a popular month for vacationing? Maybe you’re going to the beach or have a long flight ahead of you. Or, like me, maybe you’re just looking for something light-hearted to read while you nurse […]


Vacation Book Recommendations

School has probably started for most everyone by now (it was Charlie’s first day today), but I wanted to share these vacation book recommendations while they’re still fresh on my mind from our recent trip to the Philippines. I read everything on my iphone through the Kindle app and get through books much faster that […]

books i want to read

Books I Want to Read

In a past life, the one where I had free time, enough energy to stay up past 8 PM, and the mental comprehension for reading books written other than Seuss and Boynton, I used to love reading. It’s been a long time since I got to read for pleasure again, but recently I had to take […]

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