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Easy Peasy Advent Calendars

Halloween is over so let the Christmas season begin! I made an advent calendar for the kids last year, and they loved it so much I’d like to keep the tradition going. It really builds the excitement leading up to Christmas Day! Last year I bought 24 Pokemon figures and individually wrapped and labeled each […]

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Our Books and Beers Advent Calendar

When I was a child, I loved advent calendars. My mother always purchased the chocolate advent calendars, and even though I didn’t eat the chocolate, I loved opening up each day’s box to see what shape the chocolate would be in. There are so many really creative and fun advent calendars today! I purchased a […]


25 Advent Calendar Ideas

As someone who loves a good countdown, I’ve always loved the idea of advent calendars. Although I never had one growing up, I decided long ago to make it a part of our family’s holiday traditions once a little one came around. With M turning 2 in January, this felt like the perfect year to […]


Our Advent Calendar

I am obsessed with the entire Christmas season – I love everything about it, and I like to celebrate it to the fullest. As a child, I always had some sort of advent calendar counting down to Christmas, and that was a tradition I knew I wanted to continue with Jackson. He wasn’t quite old enough […]

10 Advent Calendars to Buy

I recently did a post about DIY advent calendars, but let’s face it — not everyone has time to craft once the holiday season kicks in so here is a round up of some advent calendars you can purchase instead.  After joining Hellobee, I learned about the book advent which I personally love. You can do all Christmas […]

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25 DIY Advent Calendars

I have never done an advent calendar before. Truthfully I never even heard of one until a few years ago. But now that I have kids, every holiday seems more fun and magical, and at this age it’s fun to see their excitement and anticipation build for these special celebrations. Drake has been talking about […]

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