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9 Books to Expand Your Animal Lover’s Collection

As I’ve mentioned before, K LOVES animals. We have lots of book about animals, including several from the About series and others from National Geographic and similar places. K loves all kinds of stories, from somewhat plausible plots to totally ridiculous things. My parents are avid customers of their library’s used book store, so they’ve found some […]

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The “About” Series – Animal Guides for Kids

by: Mrs. Tiger I may have mentioned before that K is an animal fanatic. Cathryn Sill’s About series – 15 books and counting! – are some of his all-time favorites. Maybe it’s unusual for a 3-year old to have a healthy appetite for nonfiction, but he loves to learn new facts, is proud of himself when he […]

Easy DIY Animal Necklaces on Hello Bee

Easy DIY Animal Necklaces

There’s something about little plastic animals that is so hard to resist. They’re fun to play with and it feels pretty awesome to wear one around your neck! When I found these colorful dinosaurs and fantasy horses in the Dollar Spot at Target, I knew they would be perfect for wearing. Regular plastic animals work […]

One Big Happy Family

Introducing Dogs to Your Baby

Our animals were and will always be our first kids. We adopted our formerly feral cats 8 years ago, and are also parents to a 6-year-old Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback (Eleanor) and a 3-year-old Lab/Basset Hound (Tucker). Tucker came from a family who had kids, and loves kids and babies. We take him to Home Depot regularly […]

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Animal Books

Drake has an overwhelming love for animals. He draws them, pretends to be them, and most of all loves looking at books with them.  Ninety nine percent of his clothes are animal tops since he won’t wear anything else. I personally love that he is so into animals since I adore them myself, and was […]

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