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12 Must Haves for Flying With Children

Olive and Charlie have been on 24 and 26 flights respectively --  from hour long flights on puddle jumpers to 14 hour international flights, with their own seats and as lap infants. As they get older what we pack in our carry-on bags continues to pare down, particularly toys, but these are the items that [...]

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Pepperplate: A Meal Planning App Review

Would you believe that for the longest time, I was tediously writing down recipes by hand whenever I wanted to cook something new?  All my recipes are jotted down in a spiral-bound notebook.  My organization skills in the recipes department is nil.  I'm usually pretty quick to jump on the technology bandwagon, but with stuff like this, I've been slow [...]

common sense media

Common Sense Media

When I was growing up, there were two TV channels dedicated to kids: Nickelodeon and Disney. And really, unless you paid the extra premium for the Disney Channel, you had one channel that showed kids' shows throughout the day, and other than that, you just had to wait for Saturday morning cartoons. (Yep back then [...]


The 3 Best Apps Ever, According To My Kids: Endless Alphabet, Reader and Numbers

Olive has had some developmental delays, and has been a reluctant reader to boot. So I was amazed a few months ago as I was reading her "The Monster At The End of this Book," and she started reading the letters on the page for the first time ever: "S... H... H... H... H..." I [...]


Couch to 5K... and Beyond

Mr. Bee and I recently started the Couch to 5K program, which is designed to take you from the couch to running 5k (3.1 miles) in 9 weeks. Although I've never been a fan of running, we live right by a beautiful park and I didn't want to pay $80/month for a gym membership. Plus [...]

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Review: Instacart Grocery Delivery

Last week, I tried something that I swore I would never need to do.  Something I thought I would never need.  I ordered groceries via a delivery service. Colin and I had been out of town for a week for a last minute trip to visit family and see my sick grandpa, and when we [...]

apps for toddlers

favorite apps for toddlers

The first time I downloaded an app for Chloe, she was a little over a year old. We had taken a trip to DC to visit my sister, and Chloe was bored in our hotel room.  I downloaded an app on a whim, and she fell in love with it so much that I bought [...]

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