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Apps I Love

A while ago I posted about my favorite apps, but like all things tech that list has quickly become outdated. Here is an updated list of apps that have made my everyday life a little easier. 1. SleepMatic – Mr. Ice Cream gave me the Fitbit Charge HR as a “push present” when Max was […]


Favorite iPad apps for 2-3 year olds

The iPad inventions continue to amaze me! I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite iPad games that continue to keep Baby Pencil and Cousin Pencil entertained. 1.) Curious World $7.99 per month This is the only subscription I have for Baby Pencil and I still think it’s worth it! It […]


My 3-Year-Old’s Favorite Apps

I remember the first computer we purchased for our home. It was a Hewlett-Packard desktop and the computer monitor and tower took up my whole desk. It barely had any games on it; in fact, the main reason I wanted a computer was to be able to play with Paintbrush.  Today’s kids are born into […]


Apps my 4 year old loves

Scallop is 4 now and loves to spend time on his “mini computer.” If I didn’t set limits for him, there’s a good chance he’d be on it for most of the day. That being said, I try to pick apps that are educational so that his brain is at least working while he’s vegging. Here […]


Can’t Stop Tracking

I was having a conversation with a fellow mama the other day about tracking our babies’ activities – diapers, feedings, etc. This other mama friend had stopped tracking for a while already, but I have kept it up. Lil’ Macaron is six months now, so it’s probably time to stop, right? When do you stop? […]


The ultimate check list

Have I got the coolest little website for you! After deciding that we will definitely be moving in with my sister’s family (coexisting with another family with young ones), we are trying to combine our furniture and finances. There are so many things to take care of within 2 families, so my brother in law […]


35 Apps for Kids Under 3

Jackson didn’t play very much with our iPads when he was younger, but ever since he hit two years old he has started to show a serious interest in all electronics! He loves to play around on my iPad and is learning how to access the few different apps that we have on it, but […]

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