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Can’t Stop Tracking

I was having a conversation with a fellow mama the other day about tracking our babies’ activities – diapers, feedings, etc. This other mama friend had stopped tracking for a while already, but I have kept it up. Lil’ Macaron is six months now, so it’s probably time to stop, right? When do you stop? […]


The ultimate check list

Have I got the coolest little website for you! After deciding that we will definitely be moving in with my sister’s family (coexisting with another family with young ones), we are trying to combine our furniture and finances. There are so many things to take care of within 2 families, so my brother in law […]


35 Apps for Kids Under 3

Jackson didn’t play very much with our iPads when he was younger, but ever since he hit two years old he has started to show a serious interest in all electronics! He loves to play around on my iPad and is learning how to access the few different apps that we have on it, but […]

10 podcasts to check out

10 Great Podcasts to Check Out

Our internet at home isn’t fast enough to surf Instagram or stream Netflix, and we don’t have many cable channels, so my main form of entertainment in El Nido is podcasts. I’ve been listening to a bunch of different ones and thought I would share some of my favorites, besides Serial and This American Life. When […]


Tech In My Life – Apps I Love

When it comes to technology I am not an early adopter, but I’m married to one. Actually, before I met Mr. Ice Cream, technology was barely on my radar and my DVD player was plugged into the front of my TV. I’m pretty sure he was horrified by my TV setup when he first saw […]


How to get the Best Price on Amazon

As a new mom, my Amazon Prime account has been incredibly active! With so many baby products to buy, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as when you get a good deal on an item. That’s why the Amazon price history tracker, Tracktor, is my favorite geeky tip (and free!) that you need to know about. […]


Photo apps: Enlight and Afterlight and Layout, oh my!

I’ve downloaded one too many photo editing apps on my iphone over the years and though I am still a devoted VSCO Cam user, I thought I’d share a few cool new apps I’ve come across that I’ve added to my repertoire. ENLIGHT ($4.99) iPhone/iPad If I were forced to choose just one photo editing app, […]

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