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20 Gifts for the Little Artist

We are big arts and craft lovers in this house. Drake has covered our walls through the years with his drawings and projects from school, and I love a good DIY. As Christmas draws closer I made a roundup of some fun and new art supplies and kits to gift your little artist this holiday [...]


Etsy Print Shops

I think prints can make such a wonderful addition to children's rooms, helping tie in themes and add a splash of detail or color to the room. I'm still in the midst of working on Drake and Juliet's rooms, but I am already dreaming of planning another nursery room one day, so here is a [...]


Drawing and coloring for kids (and adults)

I can't wait for my child to get old enough for arts and crafts and drawing. As an adult, I feel like we've lost that element of creativity and wonder long ago. There are books that try and help us recapture that, like How to be an Explorer of the World, but I'm excited that [...]


Exploring Watercolor with kids

This summer, I am finally doing something I've wanted to do for a long time - teach art lessons! I’ve been held back by the notion that the time wasn't right, that I was too busy with the day-to-day with the kids and by my own fears. But I’ve finally realized that the conditions will [...]

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60 Free Wall Art Printables for Kids' Rooms

Today I've compiled over 60 Free Wall Art Printables that would all look darling in a child's room. I got several of these printed at a local print shop since my home printer isn't the best, and they look great on Charlie and Olive's walls. Thanks to all these wonderfully talented artists who shared these [...]


30 Ways to Display Children's Art

Children create a lot of art and when Charlie was in daycare and created "masterpieces" every day, we threw most of them away and only kept a couple of our favorites. Over the past year, Charlie has really come to love arts and crafts. Now that he's older, he gets really excited about displaying his favorite [...]

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Must-Have Art Supplies

Drawing is one of Charlie's favorite things to do. We have a credenza filled with art supplies, and the first thing he usually does when he comes home from school is head straight for it to pull out some paper and art supplies. We also rely on lots of arts and crafts to get through the [...]

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