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60 Free Wall Art Printables for Kids’ Rooms

Today I’ve compiled over 60 Free Wall Art Printables that would all look darling in a child’s room. I got several of these printed at a local print shop since my home printer isn’t the best, and they look great on Charlie and Olive’s walls. Thanks to all these wonderfully talented artists who shared these [...]


30 Ways to Display Children’s Art

Children create a lot of art and when Charlie was in daycare and created “masterpieces” every day, we threw most of them away and only kept a couple of our favorites. Over the past year, Charlie has really come to love arts and crafts. Now that he’s older, he gets really excited about displaying his favorite [...]

must have art supplies

Must-Have Art Supplies

Drawing is one of Charlie’s favorite things to do. We have a credenza filled with art supplies, and the first thing he usually does when he comes home from school is head straight for it to pull out some paper and art supplies. We also rely on lots of arts and crafts to get through the [...]


More Preschool Aged Art Projects

I have a few more simple preschool art projects to share! Again, these are simple projects that don’t involve too much creativity on the part of the parent, just the child. :) 1. Name Collage This activity was fun because we also got to talk about all the letters in their names, how they are [...]

thumbprint fish

Thumbprint Fish Art Activity

If you ever see a crafty or DIY project on Hellobee from me, you’ll know it’s simple enough that anyone can do it! I am definitely not good at coming up with creative or artsy ideas. But as a new preschool teacher, I will be doing simple projects and activities that I find through co-workers, [...]


Easy Home Art Studio

Drake loves to paint.  I used to take him to an art class once a week and his favorite part was the free paint time at the start of class. Had the class been an hour of free paint, I think he would have liked it even more.  So when we stopped going, I wanted [...]

Something old into something new

The Emperor’s Old Clothes: Transforming the Outgrown

Have you heard the term up-cycling yet? It’s like alchemy. Only instead of turning things into gold you are turning things that are past their prime into something totally awesome. Like art. Way better than gold. Something old into something new So I know you’ve heard like a million times that my daughters aren’t exactly [...]

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