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The Second Trimester Review

I can't believe it, but I've actually closed the door on the second trimester and moved into the third!  My third trimester won't be quite as long.  The doctors have said that 36-37 weeks is their line in the sand for how long they will let me go.  That means in seven to eight weeks [...]

28-29 weeks

Mrs. Markers Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Now, where did we leave off? My last pregnancy update recapped the first and second trimesters. I thought I'd pop in to share how the third trimester has been going so far! At this point in the pregnancy, my symptoms were remaining pretty typical. I was gaining weight steadily but still not too uncomfortable.  I [...]


Rapidly Expanding

As expected, I’m growing. And growing. And growing.

Bump photos from weeks 6, 8, 10 and 12

My New Spare Tire

For the first month or two of my pregnancy, I was envious of other pregnant bellies – maybe because it’s such a visible sign that SOMETHING is happening. A round belly is emblematic of pregnancy, and now that I was pregnant, I wanted one too! I even told a random pregnant stranger at a library [...]


Final Pregnancy Update!

I'm being induced tonight due to low fluid and baby TTT's big head, so today I took my very last bump photo! I put together a little animated gif so you could see my big belly grow!

Bump Photos: Weeks 28-36

My last "bump" photo post seems like ages ago! My oh my how the Baby H bump has grown! It's crazy how much I couldn't wait for a big old bump to appear and now that it has... well, as much as I love that it's a sign of a healthy Baby H and bringing [...]


Bump Photos: Weeks 30-35

Weeks 9-24 Weeks 25-29 Week 30: I found out that I passed my 3 hour glucose test this week, which was such a relief. We also had an appointment with the perinotalogist and found out baby TTT was head up. The doctor didn't seem concerned, though, so I continued my pelvic tilts and hoped he [...]

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