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Babyproofing Through the Ages

When we were getting ready for Baby C’s arrival, we wondered whether we should begin babyproofing at the same time, or at least as soon as she arrived. All the babyproofing guides were super extensive, and after reading a few, we decided that until Baby C could realistically get hurt by something (aka, until she […]

munchkin gate

Our Munchkin Loft Safety Gate – The Best Gate Ever!

We live in a small 2 bedroom ranch, and initially we hoped that we would be able to get by without purchasing any safety gates. After many years babysitting  and working in childcare, I have seen a whole lot of gates that make life more difficult. Sure, they can be important for safety, but they are a […]

Hopscotch Babyproofing Favorites

When Miss H became more mobile, we did some basic babyproofing around the house, and thought we were done babyproofing. My friends, you are never quite done! We are not (in my opinion) super overprotective, hovering parents, and we have no intention of wrapping our home in bubblewrap and pillows. But as Miss H went […]

Swarm: How Much Babyproofing Did You Do?

J A M E S  ,  J  O E  ,  N  I C K  –  4 L I L L Y   –  2 2  M O N T H S At the time it seemed like we did a ton of babyproofing, but looking back it really wasn’t so bad. We had to meet […]


Charlie’s Leg Got Stuck in a Crib.

On the day before Christmas Eve, Charlie pulled his Ikea stool up to Olive’s crib, climbed in, and started jumping on the mattress. We heard a scream and ran into the room to find Charlie’s leg wedged in between the crib slats. We gave him that bag of m&m’s he had from a trip to […]


Our baby friendly living room

Wonder Baby is becoming increasingly mobile and is hitting those milestones much younger than her big sister did.  She started crawling, for example, 5 months younger.  What this means is that she’s getting into all sorts of trouble, and doesn’t yet comprehend “no touch!”  I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t care anyway.  And so I’ve been […]


Babyproofing our house

When Mr. Jumper and I were house hunting three years ago, we looked at key selling points like location and number of bedrooms.  We bought our house because it seemed perfect to start a family in.  We have enough bedrooms, a nice back yard, and a neighborhood filled with kids.  Even though we bought our […]

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