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tear free shampoo

Tear-free baby shampoos that aren't (and one that really is!)

A friend once remarked that nothing went into or onto her daughter's body without going into or onto hers first. I love this strategy. By testing it myself first, I know if he'll balk at a bitter medication or push away a tart fruit. Since my skin is rather sensitive to soaps, I can try [...]

You're the one who ate my Easter candy?!

The Cave People Made Me Do It: Showering With the Small Set

The family that showers together doesn't smell bad together. Plus, it is easier sometimes to child wrangle for washing hair when you are already soaking wet. Personally, I shower with my girls to save water and the whales and little Amazonian monkeys. But now I will tell you the truth; I totally removed the flow [...]


How to Enjoy (Survive) Bath Time With Your Little One

Bath time was one of those things that I was excited about before I even had Norah. I was excited to see her splashing around in there before she was even around to splash. But as a nurse bathed her across the room that first night in the hospital while I sat in the hospital [...]


How to get a reluctant toddler to take a bath!

For the past month or two, Charlie has decided he doesn't want to take his nightly bath. Getting him into the tub has quickly become a nightly battle of wills... which is a battle we would never win (let's be honest). I asked around, and it turns out that this is actually a very common [...]


Best Bath Toys

Bath toys are the toys that get played with most often in our house, since we take a bath with Charlie every night. We also play with regular household items such as plastic cups, colanders, funnels, water bottles (with the sports cap) and empty shampoo bottles to mix it up without cluttering our bathtub with more [...]

bathing & changing

The Ultimate Baby Registry: Bathing and Changing

These are some of my favorite products for bathing and changing Charlie: 1) Diaper Pail - We actually used the Baby Trend Diaper Champ with Charlie because it didn't require special bags like most other diaper pails.  But once he started eating chunky solids, the diaper pail smelled horrible because it held so much we [...]

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