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Beach Windsock Kid Craft

Printable Beach Windsock Kid Craft

No matter the time of year, visiting the beach is a fun vacation or day trip. With this printable windsock craft, kids can learn a bit about which ocean friends and objects live on the shore or under the waves! If your little one loves to color, they can decorate the entire thing themselves. Or, if […]


Best Beach Toys

We live right by the beach so you can imagine that we spend a lot of time playing in the sand and ocean! We have a huge bag of beach toys that we always take with us because I don’t like the kids to be in the sun the whole day, so it’s nice to […]


Review: Shade Shack Pop Up Beach Tent

We went to the beach with some friends last year, and they brought their Coleman Compact Shade Shelter with them. After seeing their tent I wanted to get one too; we had been making do with a flimsy umbrella we bought on the beach that didn’t provide us with much shade anyway. I did a bunch of […]

beach gear

Beach Gear

Mr. Chocolate and I are beach lovers. Mr. Chocolate grew up only a mile away from the beach and has the fondest memories of being at the beach every summer with his family, neighbors, and friends as he got older. Because he was a local, he knew all the ins and outs of going for […]


Beach Baby: My must-haves

Living in Southern California, the beach is a favorite summer hangout, especially for those of us who live more inland where it gets really hot. We have already taken Liam to the beach several times, and I know we will go at least once a week this summer because he loves it so much. Here […]


Toddler Pooltime Essentials

It’s almost August and California’s been having wonderful weather all summer-long!  It’s hot enough to go to the pool, but not uncomfortably hot where you just want to take cover and hide.  Although we don’t have a pool in our backyard, we do live in a neighborhood that has a pretty nice community pool, including […]


Toddler Beach Essentials

We just returned from a week at the beach and had a grand ol’ time! Lil’ CB loved the beach, just as he did last year, and it was hard pulling him away from the sand and sun at the end of each beach day! It turns out that being on the beach is not […]

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