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80+ Floor Beds for the Win

Charlie and Olive have been sleeping in floor beds for most of their lives since transitioning out of their cribs. When we moved to the Philippines, they started sharing a room that had two twin beds. After many nights of bedtime shenanigans like switching beds, fighting over who got to sleep in the bed directly […]

All of these pink bedrooms are SO cute! This is the perfect place to get some inspiration for your little girls' room. I can't believe how sophisticated a pink room can look!

Pink Bedroom Inspiration

Jackson loves all things pink right now. When we go shoe shopping he always gravitates to the sparkliest, pinkest shoes he can find and if I let him choose a color for just about anything, it’s probably going to be pink. I know that as most boys grow older they lose their interest in “girl” colors, […]


Inspiration: Jungle/Explorer Little Boys’ Room

Baby Shake is almost 4 months old, and Cubby is a few months away from 3 years, and we are just now beginning the big room switch—Cubby’s room needs to be transformed into a big-boy room and baby Shake will move into his own nursery. Currently, Cubby is still in his crib and the baby […]

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Budget-Friendly Big Girl’s Room

Today’s real nursery comes from Annie, who previously shared her son’s nursery! For detailed step-by-step instructions on the projects featured in her room, make sure to check out Annie’s blog, All Things Big and Small. Name: Elizabeth Age: 2.5 Location: Wisconsin My daughter’s room is a special room for me as it has been a space […]


Our Montessori Style Children’s Room

I’d been putting off sharing the end result of Roman’s first children’s room in hopes that I’d eventually finish decorating with all the little touches I originally dreamt up. Alas, with us moving to a new apartment a month from now, this is as good as it’s going to get! When we first moved from our one […]


Room Reveal: Pint-Sized Picasso’s Toddler Room

Last weekend, I finally put the finishing touches on Pint-Sized Picasso’s Toddler Room. I originally posted my inspiration board a year ago (!!) and am proud to say that I stayed the course on it for the most part. (That’s not normally how re-decorating projects go for me.) Not only did I stick to my […]

35 Ikea Kura Hacks

After reading Mrs. High Heel’s post on how well room sharing was going, Mr. Bee suggested that we have Charlie and Olive (4 1/2 and 2 1/2) share a room, and we turn Olive’s small room into an office. I mentioned sharing a room to Charlie and his first response was that he wanted a […]

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