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A not-so-easy transition to a big boy bed

I hoped Max would be one of those kids who would sleep in his crib for as long as possible. He was sleeping great and seemed so safe in there. I wanted him to take after Mr. Ice Cream, since Mr. Ice Cream’s dad jokingly said he tried so hard to get baby Mr. Ice […]


Our Toddler Sleep Routine

Before I had kids, I always laughed at the funny stories from my friends about crazy toddler sleep routines. The menagerie of stuffed animals they sleep with, the incessant requests for drinks of water or “one more song,” and the stories of climbing out of cribs and escaping bedrooms. It all seemed so crazy and […]


5 Tips for Solo-Parent Bedtime

Due to Mr T’s work schedule, I end up doing dinner + bedtime for the kids alone most nights. When D was very young it was hands-down the hardest part of my day! To be fair I was also juggling his broviac IV and other medical stuff which had to be taken care of each […]


“Where do you sleep?”

Questions I started asking Miss H a while back were, “Where do you sleep?”, “Where does mommy sleep?” and “Where does daddy sleep?” I jokingly say it’s the best thing I could have ever taught her! With so many families of young children struggling with sleep, children who want to sleep in the parents’ bed, crying […]


Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Two Kids

I was really curious how other parents handled bedtime routines for two, so I asked a couple of my friends, as well as Mrs. Jacks and Mrs. Hide and Seek, to share their routines for two young children below! Since Olive came along, Mr. Bee and I pretty much divide and conquer. Olive won’t take […]


Bedtime Routine

Who knew that our nap routine printable would be one of our most popular printables yet? So we’ve created a bedtime routine printable that looks like the nap routine, just in a different color. Charlie’s bedtime routine has been pretty much the same since we sleep trained at 4 1/2 months. He definitely should not […]

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