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How we came up with the name “Hellobee”

Olive’s nanny is in the hospital this week and Charlie hasn’t been sleeping that well, so Mrs. Bee and I have had our hands full! So rather than write about parenting, we thought it might be fun to give a little behind the scenes look at how we came to name this site, “Hellobee.” The […]

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Hellobee Taglines

I love how clean the Hellobee header looks, but it does feel a little bit lonely without a tagline.  Our creative director Minhee came up with these tag line options awhile back, but we haven’t gotten around to putting them up on the site yet. At first I wanted to incorporate something with a watercolor […]


The Search for a Graphic Designer

I’ve always wanted to improve my photoshop skills because I coveted those beautiful, pin-worthy layouts that photoshop savvy bloggers created for their blogs.  But despite improving my photoshop skills this past summer, I found that my layouts just didn’t look as nice as ones created by people with a design background.  They had the skills […]


Lauren O’Neill: Logo & Site Design

When I started thinking about the ideal web designer for Hellobee, I envisioned a talented, female, web designer who was a great blogger, and also had experience creating sites in the design/wedding/baby blog world — not exactly an easy order!  But I thought someone with that background would best understand the look and features I […]

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The Evolution of Hellobee

I thought it might be fun to detail some of the steps that went into launching Hellobee, from thinking up the url to the site you see today.  There were many, many steps along the way! – Think up url, check for availability (it’s usually not available), purchase alternatives as backup/bargaining chip.  In Hellobee’s case, […]

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