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20 Best Lunchboxes for Kids

I’ve been packing lunches pretty much daily for the past 4 years, and I’ve tried a lot of lunchboxes over the years as the kids have gotten older and their needs have changed. There are so many options out there nowadays, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly what fits your needs until [...]


Easy Preschool Lunches

I’m not going to lie — so far I really enjoy packing my son’s lunch for preschool. Granted, he only goes twice a week and it’s only been a month, but still, I look forward to putting it all together! Here are some of the lunches I’ve been packing him since he’s started. Top left: [...]

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PlanetBox Rover Review

Mrs. Chocolate recently did a review of the PlanetBox Shuttle, which is the smaller version of the PlanetBox Rover pictured below. I’d wanted to get the kids a stainless steel lunchbox for some time, but the options are very limited when it comes to stainless steel bento boxes. Charlie and Olive are Korean and Japanese [...]


Cutting Back on Plastic

This is a guest post from Emily of Oh! Apostrophe. Have you guys read the latest research on plastic, even BPA-free plastic? It’s not good. My first response to this Mother Jones article citing a study that has shown how dangerous pretty much all plastic is, was to ignore it. Seriously, plastic? I am supposed [...]


Starting to Bento – The Best Boxes

Drake’s pre-school program next year will be on a different schedule than the one he is in this year. He will be there 4 hours instead of 2 1/2, and for the first time I’ll have to start packing lunches. Drake’s school is nut-free, which I imagine is the norm these days with the increase [...]


What to Feed my Toddler?

Packing lunches for the Baby Dudes has become one of my favorite projects.¬† It’s challenging at times because they’re at the stage where they really only want to eat things they can feed themselves, but they can’t use utensils at all yet. ¬†They dislike all meat and while they’re great eaters generally, they often devour [...]


Packing Lunch for Public School

Now that Charlie attends pre-k at a public school, I have to put more thought into how I pack his lunch. When he was in daycare, I didn’t have to worry about reheating food, keeping food cold, or even sending a sippy cup or utensils because they took care of all that. But now I [...]

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