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Planetbox Shuttle Review

A while back I wrote a post about starting to make bento lunches for Drake in preparation for the coming school year where he would be needing a lunch. My biggest challenges were the fact that I liked stainless steel, but I felt the Planetbox Rover was simply too much in cost and size for […]

Bento Lunch Inspiration

Many Hellobee community members are packing bentos, so I thought I would share some of them here. They provide great inspiration on what to feed your little ones, whether or not you pack bentos. I’ve definitely incorporated ideas that I’ve learned from fellow bees into Charlie and Olive’s lunches! Below are 33 lunches to inspire […]


Sweetheart Bento Box for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day calls for a little extra love in your child’s lunch box. Fairy sandwiches, strawberry hearts and red pepper kisses are all easy ways to fill a bento box with love.

Hellobee Series: Bentos!

I am having so much fun with these Series because they not only organize content topically, but they also help you discover older posts that you may have missed! Today’s Series features everything you want to know about Bentos! Bento Inspiration Bento Tools & Accessories Bento Boxes Fun Food Here are links to all the […]

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