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My Birth Story: A Blessing at Home

I guess I am just meant to carry my babies a little long, because this one, like her older sister, took her time to make her debut. I ended up going into labor and having a baby girl on Tuesday, April 21, 9 days past my due date. I was itchy and impatient for this […]

Birth Stories Roundup

My two childbirth stories could not be more different. When I was pregnant with my Charlie, I loved reading other people’s birth stories so I could prepare myself for what to expect. I also read books and took a childbirth preparation class. Despite thinking that I was prepared for the birth I wanted (epidural please!), […]


Baby Lion’s Birth Story

Baby Lion joined our family on February 15th at 11:28 pm. She was 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches of pure perfection, and we were immediately in love! After a complicated and stressful pregnancy, I was truly counting down the days until we would get to meet our sweet girl.┬áBecause she remained breech (my stubborn uterus […]

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Baby BunBun’s Birth Story

I loved everything about my labor and delivery with BunBun (well, as much as one could enjoy pushing out a nine-pound baby). This story is the opposite of her sister’s birth, and it honestly gives me hope for any future kids I may have. Dare I say it, but looking back at this experience, it […]

The birth of a story: Deep into darkness

This part of the story was where things got really hard. Please bear with me as I go to a dark place. I promise the ending is much better than this part of the story! We sat in the waiting room for a while. Our case worker went to check in with the nursing staff […]

The birth of a story: Friday the 13th

As I went to bed the night before the C-section after our birth parent dinner, I was overcome with the feeling that something bad was about to happen. When Friday, February 13th was chosen as the C-section date, I hesitantly asked if it could be a different date. ┬áThere is no evidence to say that […]


Grace is here – a VBAC birth story

Grace Natalie was born on February 21st at 4:31pm. She weighed 7lbs, 2oz and measured 20in long. We are all so in love! On Friday the 20th, Liam and I ran a few errands and had a picnic in the park. He had fun running around playing and I tried to keep up. On our […]

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