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Our Little Peep’s Birth Story – Part 2

Part One here. We left off with me finally asking for an epidural after twelve hours of back labour and contractions with 30-90 seconds of a break in between and nearly seven hours of stalled progress at 7cm. 7:20am – Epidural  It took awhile before the epidural was ready to administer, and by 7:20am they […]


Our Little Peep’s Birth Story – Part 1

I’ve always had an obsession with birth stories. It is my belief that every single birth is beautiful. Being on the other side now, that belief is even stronger. Prior to the birth of our little guy, I was pretty set on having a med-free vaginal delivery. It was my ultimate goal, one that was more […]


Here Come the Suns: the Twins’ Birth Story Part 2

Before I get into the second part of the boys’ birth, I want to share a story from the night I was admitted to the hospital. I had only been in labor and delivery for an hour or so when a resident came into my room to ask me a few questions. She wanted me […]


Bug’s Birth Story

When I was pregnant, I must have read hundreds of birth stories. Free births, planned c-sections, I wanted to devour all of it, and I did. After I gave birth, I had no time, and really, no desire, to read about any other experiences, and I didn’t think I would ever have the energy to […]


An Unexpected C-Section

Going into the final days of my pregnancy with M, I had prepared myself as best I could for a drug-free vaginal birth. The biggest motivator for me was that, at the time, I was fairly frightened by medical settings, and the thought of being stuck in a hospital bed with an IV, or worse […]


Chip’s Birth Story – An 11 Hour Labor

This story was originally written in March 2016. March 1  Both Mr. Cookie and I were relieved to have made it to March. We didn’t want a leap year baby and had our hearts set on March and a slightly more spring time birth. I started losing my mucous plug and got tentatively excited since that is […]

Working through contractions with the support of our doula

Our Birth Story – how she came with the rain

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The day I became a mother started like any other in the last few weeks of pregnancy. But by evening, the rain had begun and I was tentatively excited when the contractions that had been coming and going all week didn’t disappear on me. I spent the last […]

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