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Bug’s Birth Story

When I was pregnant, I must have read hundreds of birth stories. Free births, planned c-sections, I wanted to devour all of it, and I did. After I gave birth, I had no time, and really, no desire, to read about any other experiences, and I didn’t think I would ever have the energy to […]


An Unexpected C-Section

Going into the final days of my pregnancy with M, I had prepared myself as best I could for a drug-free vaginal birth. The biggest motivator for me was that, at the time, I was fairly frightened by medical settings, and the thought of being stuck in a hospital bed with an IV, or worse […]


Chip’s Birth Story – An 11 Hour Labor

This story was originally written in March 2016. March 1  Both Mr. Cookie and I were relieved to have made it to March. We didn’t want a leap year baby and had our hearts set on March and a slightly more spring time birth. I started losing my mucous plug and got tentatively excited since that is […]

Working through contractions with the support of our doula

Our Birth Story – how she came with the rain

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The day I became a mother started like any other in the last few weeks of pregnancy. But by evening, the rain had begun and I was tentatively excited when the contractions that had been coming and going all week didn’t disappear on me. I spent the last […]

Baby Star Bright

Another month, another baby!

Earlier this week, we welcomed our second baby starfish into the world! We will refer to her as “Baby Star Bright” on Hellobee, not to be confused with her sister, “Baby Star Light.” Baby Star Bright Mr. Starfish and Baby Star Light and I journeyed to our surrogate in Utah on Saturday morning, anxious to […]


Not the birth I had planned

I’ve given birth twice now, and both times were completely different from what I had imagined. Photo by Olivia Gray Photography My pregnancy with Lil Washi three years ago was fairly uneventful. I was terrified the whole time after having two miscarriages, but the pregnancy itself went really smoothly. At my 39 week appointment, everything […]

Lill 2

A baby starfish makes her debut!

On Monday afternoon at 3:41PM, we welcomed the first of the Starfish twinblings! We will refer to her as “Baby Star Light” on Hellobee. On Sunday evening, I went in for an induction after Baby Star Light’s growth had become even more restricted. She was born weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces and measuring 19 inches […]

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