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Birth Day Photography

I mentioned in my last post about Baby Sea Otter that we were fortunate enough to have a photographer there to capture his birth. It was an extremely emotional moment for all of us – for me and Otter Pop who have had to overcome so many hurdles to finally become parents, and Aimee and [...]


Bunny Tales: Julia’s Birth Story

While I was pregnant I read so many birth stories and found every single one of them helpful in some way, so it’s my hope that this will help someone else. My induction was set for a Friday morning at 6 am. I was 41 weeks pregnant, and I could hardly sleep that night. Nerves [...]


Aidan’s Story

It’s been a while, but I wanted to update and give the details on the birth of our son, Aidan, aka Baby Sea Otter. During an elective ultrasound at 34 weeks, we discovered that Baby Sea Otter was breech. This was a huge surprise for all of us. Our surrogate Aimee had all of her [...]

The first day of Summer, a birth story

My second daughter Summer was late. I mean really late. I should have known that she would be; Gemma was eight days late. I guess my little ones like the womb. Either that or my body is missing the gene that initiates labor. Summer was to be induced on June 28th, eight days after her [...]


Welcome, Winter

At around 35 weeks I became fearful that my water would break in bed, we’d spend 48 hours in the hospital, and come home to a bed soaked in bodily fluids. It didn’t matter to me that there was less than a 10% chance that my water would actually break in bed. Or anywhere else [...]

Our first family photo

A Complicated Pregnancy – Our Journey to Meet Little Lion – Part 3

My pregnancy had already been complicated (read part 1 and part 2 for more about that), so at the end of my 33rd week when I lost what appeared to be my mucus plug followed by leaking of some clear liquid, I turned to Doctor Google. Some websites said that before 35 weeks you should [...]


Chocolate Baby’s Birth Story

On June 17th, Drake and I went to what would be my last OBGYN visit for Chocolate Baby. Drake has come with me to every visit for Chocolate Baby and loves seeing the baby on the screen. The previous week I was 2 cm dilated and my doctor and Mr Chocolate were sure I wouldn’t make [...]

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