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mr. owl and baby owl

Seven things not to say to your wife when she’s in labor: A birth story.

Well, Baby Owl has arrived. My water broke at about four o’clock in the morning on May 20th. Well, I should say, it started at about four o’clock in the morning on the 20th. It wasn’t like in the movies, where pregnant women’s water breaks with one great gush. Rather, my water continued “breaking” until the baby [...]


My Birth Story and Giving Birth Again

Lately I have been having all kinds of dreams about what Chocolate Baby’s birth will be like. I guess my subconscious mind is trying to prepare me for the idea.  It’s also brought back all the memories I have of Drake’s birth, so I thought I would share that story now as well, as my worries about [...]

Mr. Train after cutting Nicholas' umbilical cord

Becoming a mother of three, my twin birth story.

There were several false starts to the birth of my twins. As I wrote in a past post, I was monitored very closely throughout my whole pregnancy. At 34.5 weeks my blood pressure went up and my pre-eclampsia was getting worse. There were some concerns on the heart monitors so I was sent to the hospital. [...]

swarm - popcorn

Swarm: What Would You Change About Your Labor/Birth?

scheduled c-section for breech baby I wouldn’t change anything about the birth. My only qualm was the number of visitors we had on Saturday (I had Chloe on Friday). My husband had gone home to feed our cats and shower. I don’t remember him being gone for too long, but it felt like as soon [...]


Lil’ Tea Cup’s birth story

With the chill of the morning air coming through our open bedroom windows, I got dressed in my “labour outfit,” which had been hanging on my closet door for weeks waiting for the natural beginning of labour to take place. I wanted to feel like myself and look like myself even though the fact that [...]


I was a visitor at my son’s birth: part two

I left off our story with leaving the hospital having not held my son, but only seeing him through a window for a few minutes. We returned the next day and received our bright green visitor badge.  Now I look back and find it very fitting. I did feel like a visitor. We were allowed [...]

My heart was never the same after seeing this view.  Its a blurry picture through a dirty window but it was my small taste of motherhood.

I Was a Visitor at My Son’s Birth: Part One

We were matched with our birth mother at the beginning of October 2008. We were told that she was due at the end of October.  We were very excited to have our Halloween baby home with us, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.  We got several update emails from our social worker that our birth [...]

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