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In Honor of World Prematurity Day

In recognition of World Prematurity Day today and November being Prematurity Awareness Month, I asked some of the bloggers and board members who’ve had preemies to share their stories. According to the March of Dimes, every year about 450,000 babies are born prematurely in the US, and prematurity is the leading cause of death for […]


Hopscotch Twins Birth Story

As I recently shared, the Hopscotch twins arrived! Already a few weeks old, I want to make sure I get their birth story written down so that I don’t forget the details. Here I am right at 37 weeks pregnant – whoah! I still can’t believe I got that big, however, I had two big […]


Baby Iris’s Birth Story: A placental abruption at 30 weeks

After 30 weeks of a completely normal, healthy pregnancy, I found myself waking up November 6th with contractions and blood stains at 2:30 am. Before bed I had felt the baby drop; after some reading I thought this was normal enough and expected to spend the next 10 weeks feeling lots of extra pressure. Part […]


Charlotte Mae’s Birth Story

I had a scheduled section with our oldest daughter because she was breech. It was a wonderful birth experience and I went into my pregnancy with Charlotte knowing that I wanted a repeat c-section. My OB and I discussed birth options at my 8 week appointment and while I was a VBAC candidate, I much preferred […]

D’s Journey, part 1 – Premature Labor and an Emergency C Section

My main goal in applying to be a HB blogger was to bring a special-needs parenting voice to site, so I’ll jump right into D’s birth story. Tl;dr version: being hospitalized for premature labor sucks, especially when at the end of it your baby is sick. After having a very uneventful pregnancy, my water broke […]


Baby Boy Checkers: My Birth Story

Just four days before my due date, we welcomed our son into the world: 8 lbs. 1 oz., 20.5 in. long The day before he decided to make his appearance, I was experiencing contractions all day.  I never experienced contractions with Toddler Checkers because my water broke first, and I wasn’t sure I would know […]

NICU Check Up

My First Born Cub

It was eight o’clock in the morning on a cool Monday morning, late in January. Mr. Bear was sleeping peacefully beside me because he had worked the night shift. That meant that I was up at two in the morning instead of blissfully asleep because if we had gone to bed any sooner, his entire […]

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