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A Joyce Wan themed birthday

I wanted to keep Winter’s first birthday relatively simple. We have at least one barbeque each summer that usually coincides with my own birthday (two days after Winter’s!), so we just tied it into Winter’s birthday party. I honestly wasn’t planning on doing anything big, but after being asked several times what my “theme” would […]

Jaren's First Birthday-5

Jaren’s Dol | First Birthday

I previously blogged about my thought process behind planning Jaren’s dol. I wanted to keep things simple while still honoring some of the traditional elements of a Korean first birthday.  This year we decided to host Jaren’s first birthday party at a park because we needed some form of entertainment for Noelle and her toddler […]


Happy 151 day birthday

In Bali, newborns are believed to be holy and their feet are not permitted to touch the earth even for a moment, so they are always carried. When they turn 105 days on the Balinese lunar calendar, a grand ceremony, Tigang Sasih, takes place, and on this day the baby’s feet touch the ground for the […]


Lil Miss Wagon’s Dol Celebration

When we started planning Lil Miss Wagon’s first birthday party, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. We wanted a laid-back party where family and friends would gather and eat yummy food. We also wanted to have the traditional Korean Dol display table and doljabi. And that’s pretty much it!

Tips for a Great Live Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Little C celebrated his first birthday last weekend, and rather than holding a separate cash smash photo session, we decided to have him enjoy his first sweets live at his birthday party for our friends and family to witness.  The cake smash is one of those rites of passage that has evolved from our own […]

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Baby Bee’s First Bee-Day Party

Little M turned 17 months old last week, which means that waaaaay back in December we celebrated his first birthday. We called him our baby bee when I was pregnant and for his first year, so it was only fitting that we throw him a bee themed party.


Little Jacks just turned 3 and we wanted to make it special.  During the whole months of March and April, I agonized about how to accomplish that.  Everything felt either overdone or was expensive (and I had no interest in spending a lot of money to make it happen). We asked LJ what she wanted […]

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