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Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party

Baby Summer turned one! The second time around, this first year FLEW by. Shockingly fast. We definitely wanted to throw Summer a first birthday party as we had for Gemma, but I knew that I’d like to keep it simple and sweet. I chose a hot air balloon theme to commemorate Summer. She is so [...]


Drake & Juliet’s Hot Air Balloon Party

Drake and Juliet are 3 years and two weeks apart. Since their birthdays are so close, I anticipate we will be looking at joint birthdays for quite some time until they are older. And because they are a boy and a girl, I decided I needed to find a theme that wasn’t gender specific. When [...]



Today, Pint-Sized Picasso turns TWO. It’s a little bit of an unfathomable idea for me since I feel like just the other week I was blogging about missing his first birthday. It feels like just the other day I was in court on the day after Christmas. And has it really been four months since [...]

Opening up some animals!

Little Piñata’s 2nd Birthday Party

I originally thought we would forgo a birthday party for Little Piñata this year with all the busy things going on in May. The month started off with our trip to Italy, then I was finishing up the school year with all kinds of end of the year events, and we had family that was [...]


Second Birthday Inspirations – A Dual Themed Bash

Colin’s birthday is coming up, and when we started planning his birthday party, I wanted to come up with a playful theme based on one of his favorite books for his small party.  He absolutely loves the whole series of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books by Laura Numeroff, so several months ago, [...]

Birth Months

When Mr. Chocolate and I were thinking about starting a family, we sat down to discuss what would be ideal for us  as far as timing.  Mr. Chocolate is a teacher so he mentioned how many of his female co-workers often tried to have babies from April to June so they could roll their maternity [...]


Two-By-Two: Noah’s Ark Birthday Party

I am still in shock that I have one-year olds walking around my house, but with all the party decor hanging in my house, it’s a pretty constant reminder that they’re big boys now (and also that I need to get myself in gear and undecorate!).  We stuck with our “Two-by-Two: Noah’s Ark” theme. These [...]

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