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Birthday Traditions!

Five. Five??? Five!!!! How in the world did my baby boy get so big!!! First morning of five! June is such an emotional time for me as both of my babies turn a year older, coupled this year with the fact that Drake is also graduating from pre-school. Throw in the stress that is their joint […]


Purple Elephant 3rd Birthday Party

I am still a little misty eyed over the fact that my sweet and silly first born is now 3 years old! My oh my how the time has flown. In planning Miss H’s 3rd birthday party I knew one thing for sure – the general theme was going to be “purple” because Miss H […]


Baby Pencil’s 1 year Birthday Party

A baby’s first birthday (dohl) is traditionally a big event in Korean culture. In the past many children didn’t live until their first birthday, so the milestone was an important one marked with a big celebration; it’s a tradition that has carried on to current day. The 1-year birthday party is often similar to a wedding, with a […]


The Gift of Giving

Mrs. High Heels recently wrote a great post about the importance of fighting against entitlement in our children. Entitlement is an issue that irks me to no end and it is one that I will absolutely fight against in my children. While it is something that definitely takes effort and requires some hard parenting decisions, my […]


A Simple First Birthday Party

Last post about Jackson’s first birthday – I swear! I just can’t resist sharing photos of his party, because I shared my inspiration for the party a few weeks ago, and we were so thrilled with how it all turned out. I’m happy to say that we managed to accomplish just about everything we wanted to. The party […]


Splurge and Save: Firetruck Birthday Party

I love planning parties, but I also love finding ways to make parties cute and fun without breaking the bank. I’m planning Liam’s third birthday party (yes, it’s six months away, but this is totally normal for me) and since he loves firetrucks, I’ve decided this party will go along with that theme. I’ve rounded […]

frozen birthday

Frozen Birthday Party for Boys

When my kids saw Frozen for the first time, it was in the theaters back in November of last year. When we left the movies, Nick and Joe were so excited they told me, “Mommy, we want to have a Frozen birthday party with snow and an ice palace. It would be so much fun.” […]

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