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Two-By-Two: Noah’s Ark Birthday Party

I am still in shock that I have one-year olds walking around my house, but with all the party decor hanging in my house, it’s a pretty constant reminder that they’re big boys now (and also that I need to get myself in gear and undecorate!).  We stuck with our “Two-by-Two: Noah’s Ark” theme. These [...]

DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY Birthday Chalkboards

After about a second and a half of searching for first birthday ideas, you quickly discover that birthday chalkboards are trendy, trendy, trendy at the moment.  Even though I try to avoid jumping on every single trend, I really wanted to have these for the Baby Dudes’ first birthday.  The thing is they contain a [...]


Planning Jaren’s 1st Birthday (Dol)

A Doljanchi is a traditional Korean 1st birthday celebration that is a big deal in Korean culture.  What are the origins of the Doljanchi?  Historically, it was common in Korea for infants to die before their first year, so Koreans wanted to celebrate babies who were able to make it to the one year mark. [...]


Two-By-Two: The Baby Dudes’ Birthday Plans

How?  How is it possible that I am full stride in planning a first birthday party????? I must admit that I’m both thrilled and crazy sad/emotional that the Baby Dudes are turning one in less than 30 days.  Not that I’m counting or anything.  Someone commented the other day that they don’t look like babies [...]


Baby Marker’s Music First Birthday!

I’ve mentioned how much this kid loves music and dancing, and it is no joke. She will dance any and every time she hears music. Of course while brainstorming a theme for her first birthday, music was the obvious choice! I went a little nuts with the DIY and decor. Actually with the whole thing. [...]


Planning Liam’s 2nd Birthday

I love planning parties, maybe even more than actually throwing them. Over the last few years, I’ve been working on not stressing myself out so much and just enjoying the party when it arrives, and I am making progress. One thing that I’m hoping will make it even easier for Liam’s birthday this year is [...]


First Birthday — At the Library!

As excited as I was for Little Deer’s first birthday, I was also a little nervous about planning it all. The perfectionist in me loves to pop-up when I’m planning things, and I tend to get pretty anxious. I knew from the get-go that I didn’t want to make her birthday party into a grand [...]

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