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Big P when he was brand new

Born on the 4th of July!

Big P when he was brand new Big P’s due date was July 6, 2013. Mr. P and I thought it’d be wonderful to have a 4th of July baby, but didn’t think it was very likely. For one thing, we had no history of early babies in either of our families, and I had actually […]

birthday theme

Multi-Theme Birthday Party

Scallop’s 1st birthday party was mustache themed because it seemed like fun. It was easy enough to plan. I found items I liked from Etsy and Amazon, DIY’d a lot of things myself, and didn’t go too overboard (although I do love planning parties!) because there was no need. His 2nd birthday party was construction themed, […]


A first birthday celebration

Earlier this month, we celebrated Baby Pizza’s dol, which is a traditional Korean first birthday celebration. I kept telling myself we were going to have a simple party, but it started getting more elaborate once we started planning, and somehow we ended up with a guest list of over 100 people. With large families on both sides and friends who are like family to […]


1st Birthday

Last month was Max’s first, which I’m still in denial about. I always knew I wanted the event to be small, since Max would be too young to remember anything. But more than anything I wanted a memorable picture that could capture Max on his first birthday. I envisioned him in an adorable outfit, smiling […]


A Sesame Street Second Birthday Party

Jackson turned two years old this weekend (how did that happen?!) and we had his birthday party on Saturday. Last year we kept the party very simple and theme-less, but this year we wanted to do something a little more fitting for him since he has such a big personality now and is a little […]


Charlie and Olive’s Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party

Olive’s birthday is in October and Charlie’s birthday is in December, but we decided to throw them a joint birthday party so they could say goodbye to their closest friends before moving to the Philippines at the end of this month. I booked an outdoor playspace that provided pizza, balloons, and cupcakes and was going […]


Celebrating 100 days

About a week ago, we celebrated Baby Pizza’s Baek Il, which is a common celebration for Koreans marking the 100th day after a child’s birth. A long time ago in Korea when there were more childhood diseases, the survival rate for babies was low so it was a pretty big deal for a baby to make […]

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