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Birthday Banners

I’d consider myself to be a semi-crafty person. I like crafting, to a degree. A little project here and there is fun, but too much of one, especially one that requires lots of precision and exact measurements, and I’m stressed out and frustrated. Because of this, when it comes to Lil’ CB’s birthday parties, I [...]

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party

Baby Summer turned one! The second time around, this first year FLEW by. Shockingly fast. We definitely wanted to throw Summer a first birthday party as we had for Gemma, but I knew that I’d like to keep it simple and sweet. I chose a hot air balloon theme to commemorate Summer. She is so [...]


Drake & Juliet’s Hot Air Balloon Party

Drake and Juliet are 3 years and two weeks apart. Since their birthdays are so close, I anticipate we will be looking at joint birthdays for quite some time until they are older. And because they are a boy and a girl, I decided I needed to find a theme that wasn’t gender specific. When [...]



Today, Pint-Sized Picasso turns TWO. It’s a little bit of an unfathomable idea for me since I feel like just the other week I was blogging about missing his first birthday. It feels like just the other day I was in court on the day after Christmas. And has it really been four months since [...]

Opening up some animals!

Little Piñata’s 2nd Birthday Party

I originally thought we would forgo a birthday party for Little Piñata this year with all the busy things going on in May. The month started off with our trip to Italy, then I was finishing up the school year with all kinds of end of the year events, and we had family that was [...]


Second Birthday Inspirations – A Dual Themed Bash

Colin’s birthday is coming up, and when we started planning his birthday party, I wanted to come up with a playful theme based on one of his favorite books for his small party.  He absolutely loves the whole series of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books by Laura Numeroff, so several months ago, [...]

Birth Months

When Mr. Chocolate and I were thinking about starting a family, we sat down to discuss what would be ideal for us  as far as timing.  Mr. Chocolate is a teacher so he mentioned how many of his female co-workers often tried to have babies from April to June so they could roll their maternity [...]

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