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Nurturing a Close Sibling Relationship

One of the greatest highlights of my life thus far has been to watch the relationship between my children grow. It has been a privilege to see Noelle step into her big sister role once her baby brother came along. When Jaren came along, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to encourage them […]


Four ways to build trust and love without words

We’ve had a lot of luck building trust with our older son.  It’s been a bit trickier with our daughter, because she’s younger and not as verbal as her brother was at the same age. To help with that, we started looking for  ways to build trust and love without having to use words.  They’ve […]

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Bonding with Baby

I had many reservations about how to adjust to life with another baby before Juliet’s birth.  The biggest one being how I would ever love another child as much as I loved Drake.  These thoughts plagued me the last month before I gave birth, and I cried quite a few times thinking  about it. Drakey […]

Bonding with baby

One of our Hellobees (Daniellemybelle) asked me to talk about bonding with your adopted baby.  It’s a great topic, and one which I held off on tackling because I felt like it was still an ongoing experience when the question was asked.  We’ve had a baby biologically and through adoption, so I have deepened my […]

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