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Fractured Fairy Tales

As a child fairy tales, especially the kind that involved a princess and a prince, were my favorites. I could listen all day to stories as long as someone was there to read them. In second grade my favorite teacher, Mrs. Wortley, asked the class if we had ever heard the story of the Three [...]

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Ikea Ribba vs. Bekvam as Display Bookshelves

Most of you have probably seen Ikea’s Ribba picture ledges and Bekvam spice racks used as display bookshelves in children’s room. Charlie has had the Ribba shelves and Olive has had both the Ribba shelves and Bekvam spice racks in her room for almost a year now, so I thought it was time for a comparison of the two!


ABC Books

Alphabet books are a staple in most homes with young kids. Still there are only so many ways to make the alphabet fun — it’s the same letters in the same order every time. When I started looking for ABC books for Drake I wanted them to be more then just the letters. This is [...]

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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Mrs. Bee blogged about the Imagination Library a while back — in fact, I learned about this awesome program through Hellobee, and I’m so glad I did! When I first heard about the Imagination Library, a program that delivers free, high-quality children’s books to preschool-aged children to promote early literacy and a love of reading, [...]


Tried and True: Books We Read Over and Over ( … and Over)

There is no shortage of books in our house. Even when I (finally) put my foot down and tell my 3-year-old, “No, you absolutely cannot have another toy car,” chances are decent that I may still buy him a book. Unlike toy cars, you can never have too many books. (Also, books aren’t as much [...]


10 Books for the Animal Loving Toddler

Reading (or at least the telling of stories and looking at pictures in a book) takes up a big portion of our day here in the Grizzly Bear household. I’m not surprised to walk into the children’s room first thing in the morning to be met by Patrick holding out a book out to me. [...]


5 memoirs to read just for fun

In another life, pre-kids, I never appreciated all the free time I had to read whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. Being an English major and former teacher, I was always a bookworm. Then the kiddos came along, and it seemed like I never had a free moment to myself to read anything other [...]

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