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Parenting Like a Librarian

I liked this post on Offspring about how to parent like a librarian, which means surrounding your home with a wide range of things that may spark your child’s curiosity, but letting them explore their natural curiosity at their own pace. The simplicity of this idea resonated with me because we’ve been taking a similar unschooling approach […]


Books for My Kids

Finding new books is one of my favorite things to do. Books were my escape as a child from the lonely solitude of my house, and I love how my children enjoy reading as much as I do. As long as I can, I always hope to fill their lives with new words, adventures, and ideas […]


What I’ve Been Reading So Far in 2018

One of my very favorite things to talk about is books! At the beginning of last year I did a surprisingly good job tracking what I read and even sharing my progress on Hellobee (if you’re interested, here is a summary of what I read in March/ April, February, and January of last year, as well […]


15 Audio “Picture” Books with Synchronized Images

Like many families, we’re often thinking about ways to reduce screen time in our house (cold turkey being a perennial, but often abandoned, favorite idea). It’s very clear to me that my boys are better behaved and we have less power and sibling struggles when we reduce or eliminate screen time. But it’s really hard! My kids closely resemble […]


Winter Reads

With the subzero temperatures, it’s great to have a few good books to read. I’ve been on an autobiography kick lately, and I seem to find some interesting parent perspectives in each one. Here are a few books I enjoyed about life choices and parenting. Kickflip Boys: A Memoir of Freedom, Rebellion, and the Chaos […]


Toddler Books that Make Me Cry

By far, my favorite activity with my toddler girls is reading books together. The girls have a pretty extensive library, and I rotate their collection in and out of their living room book basket regularly so they get exposure to lots of different stories, characters, and words. Every once in a while the girls will […]


Books About Tolerance, Diversity, Equality and Activism

I have always been a book lover and really enjoy gifting books. There are so many amazing picture books for kids that are beautiful and tell wonderful stories. I also like picture books that teach our kids about values we cherish: kindness, empathy, gratitude, activism and more. This year in particular, I’m finding that I […]

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