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Author Spotlight: Gerald McDermott (Folktales/Myths)

Lion is such a huge fan of reading that we frequently go to the library and check out forty or more books at a time. While he’s always had a pretty good attention span for books, since he turned about eighteen months his attention span for longer books has gotten much better. Mr. Dolphin and […]


My Little Bookworms

Growing up I was a serious bookworm. I loved to participate in those summer reading programs at our public library and would get pretty excited about it once school got out. My summers would be consumed with reading about the Babysitter’s Club, the American Girls series and the Sweet Valley High twins. I hoped to […]


18 of Our Favorite Halloween Picture Books

  As an October baby, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Now I have an October daughter (who was supposed to be born on Halloween), and I love celebrating this holiday with my kids, who may love it even more than Christmas! They both love scary books year round so we’re constantly […]


Books on Race for Children

Last week, I wrote this post about our transracial family, and Mrs. Milk also wrote a fantastic post about race that you should read if you haven’t. Sometimes it’s hard (and really intimidating) to start a conversation with your kids on a topic you’re unsure of, and in my experience, books have made that easier. We […]


12 Picture Books About Giving and Gratitude

Mr. Dolphin and I want to raise our children so they have a servant’s heart (more on that in a separate post) and try to encourage the spirit of giving and gratitude. Lion loves picture books, so often a helpful way for us to teach him is through books and talking about them afterward. There […]


What I Read This Summer

One of my goals this year is to read an average of 1 book a week or 52 books for the year. These books can be fiction, non-fiction, audiobooks, book club picks, beach reads, serious, historical, funny, or anything in between. My one and only goal was to read more books than I did last […]


Our 20 Very Favorite Picture Books

It sounds so cliche to say that I love reading picture books to my kids, so I won’t. I love the idea of reading books to my kids. I love perusing book recommendations and adding books to our Amazon wish list and checking them out from the library (but whoa am I bad at returning them on […]

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