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Our 20 Very Favorite Picture Books

It sounds so cliche to say that I love reading picture books to my kids, so I won’t. I love the idea of reading books to my kids. I love perusing book recommendations and adding books to our Amazon wish list and checking them out from the library (but whoa am I bad at returning them on […]


Favorite Books for Bedtime

Reading books together is something that has been a part of our nightly bedtime routine since Mini Pbj was just a baby. It’s one of my favorite times of the day, because it’s about the only time she will still let me hold her! I love snuggling up together in the glider in her room […]

Swarm: What the Bloggers are Watching, Reading, Listening, Loving

Watching – I don’t watch tv or movies (not by choice) and I really miss it! But I do catch up on skits on YouTube every now and then. My favorites are James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke (Adele and Chris Martin are my favorites) and Drop the Mic, although he has many other hilarious skits. His genuine […]

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What I’m Reading

With regular internet and electricity outages in El Nido, podcasts and books are my main sources of entertainment. I have to admit that I do miss high speed internet, Hulu/Netflix (I don’t watch tv at all anymore), and going to the movies, but this will probably be the only chance in my life where I […]

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What’s In Our Library Bag

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts, but we’ve had lots of great selections lately, so I thought I’d share! Here are some of our recent favorite picks from our library visits: Dad’s First Day: This is such a sweet book of a boy’s first day at school, and it a […]


Some New Picture Books

With Drake and Juliet’s birthdays approaching, I am looking at what new books I can give them. I always gift books as part of any gift giving celebration as a way to enhance their love of reading, as well as to get new books into our rotation at bedtime. I love this age where both […]


What’s On Our Bookshelf – 6 Year Old Edition

Charlie and Olive enjoy many of the same books, and I shared Olive’s current favorite books here. At 6 years of age Charlie definitely has a longer attention span, better comprehension, and broader tastes since he can read on his own, but reading books out loud are still an important part of each day for us. […]

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