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Author Spotlight: Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie Books

by: Mrs. Cowgirl Aside from the Babysitters Club, never has a series captured my heart so much as the Elephant & Piggie books do! I’ve raved about them many times here at Hellobee, but Mrs. Bee and I thought that they deserved their own full post since they really are just the best! Mo Willems’ Elephant & […]

andrea beaty

Author Spotlight: Andrea Beaty

by: Mrs. Juice When you are reading the same picture books to your kiddos every single night, it’s nice when the book you’re reading is one that actually makes you smile or even laugh out loud, rather than one that puts you to sleep before your kid or makes  you cringe at its somewhat questionable […]

books about monsters

12 Monster-Themed Books for Toddlers

Ever since I was about 5 weeks pregnant, Mr. Garland and I have referred to Jackson as “Monster.” We didn’t share his name until he was born, so it was our nickname for him the entire time I was pregnant (much to both of our mothers’ dismay). The nickname stuck and I don’t think it’s going […]

leslie patricelli

Author Spotlight: Leslie Patricelli

by: Mrs. Oatmeal “Mama, kissy? Huggy, Mama, huggy.” You think I would say no to those questions? Of course you can have a huggy and a kissy. And to be perfectly honest, we have Leslie Patricelli to thank for bringing these lovely words into Little Oats’ vocabulary. Her book, Huggy Kissy, was a Valentine’s Day […]

12 classic bunny books

20 Books About Bunnies: Classic and Modern Selections

Just in time for spring and Easter, I wanted to share our love-to-read and want-to-read books about or featuring bunnies and rabbits! Below, I have rounded up two collections of books featuring the hippity-hoppity furry friends: Classic and Modern bunny books. Let me know if I missed your favorite in the comments! The Tale of […]

12 books on behavior and sharing

Books on Behavior and Sharing

When J started daycare, he had a lot of social issues related to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids and new environment. We really had to work with him to help him learn coping strategies and ways to effectively deal with his feelings. We turned to books early on to help identify his feelings, […]

sandra boynton

Author Spotlight: Sandra Boynton

by: Mrs. Carrot “A cow says…” “Moo!” “A sheep says…” “Baa!” “Three singing pigs say la-la-la.” “No no no!” (*insert an insistently wagging little finger here*) This dialogue was one of the first Baby Carrot ever had – a huge milestone in her verbal and social development somewhere around her first birthday that we owe […]

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