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5 memoirs to read just for fun

In another life, pre-kids, I never appreciated all the free time I had to read whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. Being an English major and former teacher, I was always a bookworm. Then the kiddos came along, and it seemed like I never had a free moment to myself to read anything other [...]


Drawing and coloring for kids (and adults)

I can’t wait for my child to get old enough for arts and crafts and drawing. As an adult, I feel like we’ve lost that element of creativity and wonder long ago. There are books that try and help us recapture that, like How to be an Explorer of the World, but I’m excited that [...]


For the Love of Dinosaurs

I loved Mrs. Confetti’s post about maximizing opportunities regarding your child’s obsessions and how to develop and enjoy that love of theirs with them. At the time, I started thinking then about what my toddler’s obsession is. J doesn’t have obsessions, but he has things that it is very apparent he loves, and a little [...]

chapter books for 4 year olds

Chapter Books for 4 Year Olds

While Charlie still enjoys picture books, for the most part we read chapter books at bedtime. I vastly prefer reading chapter books because it’s so much more fun for me! Below you’ll find the books we’ve finished, as well as books on our to-read list after the jump! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The [...]


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

I love setting goals and would love to impart that ambition to my son, so when I found out about the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program at my local library, I was excited to have something new to do with Jacobi that also had an end goal! While I definitely want to continue reading well [...]

Little Free Library

We just got back from an Alaskan cruise, which I will post about later, but in Juneau we stumbled across this amazing Little Library in front of someone’s house. It contained books for children and adults inside and from the title on top, it seemed like the Little Free Library might be an international movement. Juneau, [...]

books i can't wait to share with my kids

Books I Can’t Wait to Share With My Kids

I have had a lifelong love affair with books. As an only child, books were a way to escape the dreary boring days at home when no one else was around to play. Books had a way of taking me far away from my bedroom into magical lands with fantastic beasts and interesting people I [...]

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