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Add Ons for Book Themed Gifts

Gymboree recently released an Eric Carle line of clothes and PJs that Drake went bananas for.  He loved all the animals and went with me to the store to pick out the ones he liked best. Truth be told, I'm not a huge Eric Carle fan and so Drake wasn't familiar with the books -- he just [...]


Mindful Parenting

When K was younger, we were gifted Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda. K is a sucker for animal books so we read it over and over, and the message eventually stuck with me! The story revolves around Panda teaching Monkey to be "mindful" in all the things that he's doing - to focus on the task at [...]


15 Best Books for Keeping a One Year Old Engaged

Juliet loves books.  Her favorite thing to do every day is to raid Drake's bookshelf and immerse herself in his books...literally. At bed time Juliet loves rocking with me as I read to her, but because of her age and attention span it's hard to get her to sit and listen to all books. Over [...]


48 Activities Inspired by Popular Children's Books

I recently blogged about 8 Ways for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Children, and mentioned that one way to build upon their reading interest is to do activities based on books.  As I continued to work through how I'd make that more of a reality in my home, I decided to compile a list of [...]


Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I love an excuse to buy books for my kids, and what better reason is there than Christmas?? My kids get books for Christmas and birthdays whether they like it or not (it's never been the latter!). The books listed in this guide are either books we already own, or plan to buy as we [...]


Growing a Reader, Part II - Multicultural and Social Issue Books for Kids

One of the most amazing benefits I get from my job is getting to work with people who know children's literature in and out. I grew up in a different country, so my knowledge of books for the under 12 age group was pretty much zero before I started my job. But when Baby Carrot [...]


10 Halloween Books for Pre-schoolers That Aren't Scary

For the amount of children's books we have in our house, there is a huge lacking in the Halloween books on our shelves. Drake is in school this year though, and his teacher has been asking all the kids to bring in their favorite Halloween stories to share with the class as they lead into [...]

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