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chinese books for kids

Chinese Books

Drake will be starting Chinese school this month. I never thought I would be signing up my own child for Chinese school to be honest, as I hated it as a kid and swore up and down I would never make my child go. But truthfully now that I am older, I see the value [...]


Favorite Potty Training Books

Charlie was very easy to potty train at 2 1/2, and we probably could have trained him much earlier. I always assumed that girls would be much easier to train, but Olive is now almost 3 and though she likes sitting on the potty, she doesn’t like using it. We were waiting for the magical [...]

picture book series

Picture Book Series

Back in the day when I used to read (who has time for that luxury now?!), I loved series. There is nothing so wonderful as to fall in love with characters or a style of writing and be able to continue the story over a series of books. These days the only books I read [...]

Hello Bee - Favourite Montessori Books by Kylie at How we Montessori

My Favourite Montessori Books

I read a lot of Montessori books, so I thought I would share some of my favourites. My favourite Montessori book for new parents and parents of toddlers is: The Joyful Child – Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three by Susan Mayclin Stephenson. This is one of the best books that covers the Montessori approach [...]


Fractured Fairy Tales

As a child fairy tales, especially the kind that involved a princess and a prince, were my favorites. I could listen all day to stories as long as someone was there to read them. In second grade my favorite teacher, Mrs. Wortley, asked the class if we had ever heard the story of the Three [...]

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Ikea Ribba vs. Bekvam as Display Bookshelves

Most of you have probably seen Ikea’s Ribba picture ledges and Bekvam spice racks used as display bookshelves in children’s room. Charlie has had the Ribba shelves and Olive has had both the Ribba shelves and Bekvam spice racks in her room for almost a year now, so I thought it was time for a comparison of the two!


ABC Books

Alphabet books are a staple in most homes with young kids. Still there are only so many ways to make the alphabet fun — it’s the same letters in the same order every time. When I started looking for ABC books for Drake I wanted them to be more then just the letters. This is [...]

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