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Books I Want to Read

In a past life, the one where I had free time, enough energy to stay up past 8 PM, and the mental comprehension for reading books written other than Seuss and Boynton, I used to love reading. It’s been a long time since I got to read for pleasure again, but recently I had to take […]


9 Books to Expand Your Animal Lover’s Collection

As I’ve mentioned before, K LOVES animals. We have lots of book about animals, including several from the About series and others from National Geographic and similar places. K loves all kinds of stories, from somewhat plausible plots to totally ridiculous things. My parents are avid customers of their library’s used book store, so they’ve found some […]


Nature Books

Drake loves animals and learning about them. We have been going on about two years I think, and the obsession is still going strong. As an animal lover myself, I love sharing a passion with my child. Drake has picked up all kinds of facts and about all these animals and I want to continue […]


18 Picture Books We’ve Been Loving

Almost all these books haven’t been mentioned on Hellobee yet, so I wanted to share because I’ve borrowed many of Mrs. Cowgirl’s recommendations from our local library. Some of these books are new, some you probably remember from your own childhood, and 6 of them are Caldecott Medal/Honor winners for the best in children’s book illustrations. The […]


Our Favorite Books at 1.5 Years

Last week I shared Jackson’s favorite toys at this age (he’s 17 months old), and I figured today would be a perfect day to talk about his actual favorite activity in the whole world – reading. As soon as we get him out of his crib in the morning he points to his chair and […]

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What I’ve Been Reading

Reading has always been a beloved activity of mine, and I hope to instill that same love in the boys. As they grow older (and need constant supervision less, fingers crossed) I hope to have time together when we can read independently. These days I really only have time when I’m traveling for work, or […]


Mommy Skateboard’s Summer Reading List

I’m not sure what kind of dream world that I live in, but I still associate summer with reading – ah the good ol’ days. These chaotic days my hours on airplanes are spent wiping-up spills and breaking-up fights instead of kicking back with a good book (or smut magazine), and the little sk8ers make […]

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