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12 New(ish) Picture Books We’re Really Excited About!

We’re always on the lookout for book recommendations and I keep a running list of books that we want to purchase or try to find at the library. There have been some great new releases (and upcoming releases) that I’m really excited about. Most of these aren’t available at our library, so I may have […]


40 Picture Books for the Holidays

I love the Christmas book advent calendar Mrs. Paintbrush blogged about here and plan on doing the same thing with my kids this year, albeit with Kindle books since we don’t have a library or bookstore here. It takes a little bit of the fun out of it not unwrapping a book each night, so I also […]

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Our Books and Beers Advent Calendar

When I was a child, I loved advent calendars. My mother always purchased the chocolate advent calendars, and even though I didn’t eat the chocolate, I loved opening up each day’s box to see what shape the chocolate would be in. There are so many really creative and fun advent calendars today! I purchased a […]


Lion’s First 500 Books: 18 Great Board Books For Infants Ages 0-6 Months

Among Lion’s first 500 books, we ended up reading our fair share of board books. Mr. Dolphin actually prefers reading board books because they are easier to hold and flip the pages. This post should really be titled, “Books that Panda will actually let us read to him” because Panda does not have a particularly strong […]


Favorite Books for Preschoolers

It’s a rare sight to see me leisurely reading an adult book, but put me in a room filled with good children’s books and I’m in book heaven.  Lil’ Pizza loves books and I treasure the times that we have when we read a good book together.  The books listed are ones that Lil’ Pizza and […]

Hello Bee - My First Discoveries

Classic (and gorgeous) Non-Fiction Books – My First Discoveries

I love gorgeous non-fiction books. They teach children about the world around them and they inspire and ignite the imagination! Earlier in the year, I found out about the My First Discoveries Series. This series is so reliable, no matter the topic I know my children will love them! They are just the right level […]


Lion’s First 500 Books: Our 50 Favorite Picture Books

This week, Lion hit a huge milestone: he has now read (well, we read to him, obviously) over 500 different books. When I heard about the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, I was eager to start keeping track of Lion’s, and now Panda’s, books. Lion has always loved reading and would sit and let us […]

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