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The Burden of Care and Mom Guilt

I’ve been struggling with a great deal of mom guilt lately. Sure, I had felt guilty about the odd thing here and there, but I hadn’t experienced the rip your heart out heavy guilt that comes with the territory of parenting. As we readied ourselves to transition W to care outside of the home (two […]

The battle is on - which bottle will reign supreme?

Baby’s Choice Bottle Bundle review

I knew from the very start that I’d want to use a bottle early and often with our third baby. After the first couple of weeks of exclusive nursing to establish supply, we started offering a bottle. At the start, I used the Medela bottles that came with my Medela pump, but when figuring out […]


Toddlers and Transitions: Bottles and Sleep

Will recently turned fifteen months old and, as an official toddler, is shedding many of the things that made him a baby. Most notably (beyond the speaking and running!), he has begun to make some natural transitions when it comes to sleep – and we’ve begun the process of forcing some other ones that will, […]


What to do when your baby goes on bottle strike

LJ in her favorite spot to take a bottle when she was about 6 months old. Mediagirl asked what to do when your baby won’t take a bottle.  I have a lot of experience on this subject!  When Little Jacks was a baby, we made a strong commitment to breastfeeding.  I had been told prior […]


Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle

When Olive outgrew the 4oz Philips Avent bottles we’d been using, I decided to try a different bottle since she’s still not a big fan of bottles. My research led me to the Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle, which has been getting rave reviews on Amazon. The biggest selling point of the Comotomo is the oversized […]

medela calma

Medela Calma

Medela recently released a new bottle called the Calma that’s supposed to mimic breastfeeding and prevent nipple confusion. Milk only flows from the Calma when baby sucks, so baby can control the milk flow like he would when breastfeeding. You can even hold the bottle upside down and it doesn’t drip like other nipples. The […]

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