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Healthy Packable Breakfasts

At Lion and Panda’s new daycare, we can bring breakfast for the kids (they provide all snacks and lunch). Although they both eat something as soon as they wakeup, we also bring breakfast for them since most other kids bring food and I didn’t want them to feel left out. I try to make sure […]


Morning Glory Muffins

Back with my muffin love before baby comes! I’ll be posting soon about how we are prepping for baby #2 foodwise soon, but for now, these muffins are stocked in my freezer. I’m a big big fan of nonnutritive breakfast food – give me Belgian waffles and French toast all day every day. Unfortunately, I […]


Homemade Granola

My love language is food; I love to grocery shop, reorganize the pantry, eat, look for new places to dine, research the latest food trends, and most of all, cook. Anything to do with food makes me overwhelmingly happy. While I meal plan every week, I do not tend to do a whole lot of […]

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Mrs. Gumdrop’s Healthy Muesli Breakfast Muffins

Before I went into labor, I did myself a favor and froze several batches of my Healthy Muesli Breakfast Muffins. They are simple to make but being able to pull a batch out of the freezer and pop them in the oven was such a treat at that time – plus they are so hearty […]

Homemade Chia Jam Yogurt Parfaits | Hellobee

Homemade Chia Jam Yogurt Parfaits

I don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent on individual yogurts. They’re so convenient to throw in the kids’ lunches or for grab-and-go snacks, but wow they’re expensive. Also, it’s hard to find brands that check all my boxes: full fat, low sugar, organic, and, if we’re really lucky, made with grass-fed […]


Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Muffins

September is my favourite month, but I could do without the rushed breakfasts, packed lunches and after-school snacks that come with the back-to-school fun. These muffins are the perfect solution for all of those times (also great for weekend picnics and afternoon tea!). They’re the easiest muffin you’ll ever make and there’s no added sugar, no […]


Mini Baby Muffin Recipe

I have always had a thing for muffins. I just love them! A muffin was my typical breakfast growing up. I especially enjoy what I call “oaty” muffins, which are just muffins with oats, bran, or some grain goodness. There is a place in my hometown called Honey’s and they have the perfect oat bran […]

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