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Veggie Monster Muffins

As Kennedy starts eating more and more table food (who am I kidding…she never ate baby food), its’ a real struggle to get vegetables into her. All of our go-to snacks seem to be carb-based; crackers, puffs, MumMums, toast. Its pretty tough to hand a ten-month-old a leaf of lettuce, and she doesn’t seem to [...]


Baked Oatmeal Muffins

Oh, do I have a recipe for you! Baked oatmeal is practically a staple in our house. I used to associate oatmeal as a winter meal, until I discovered how good these can be in the summer, too. I typically make a batch on Saturday or Sunday and it lasts us throughout the week. I [...]


3 days of breakfasts, 10.5 months

I thought I would chronicle a day of meals because I really thought the visuals were helpful in other Bees’ previous posts. This was surprisingly challenging because I realized I never really prepare her food into visual portions – I give her a few pieces of food at a time from a bigger plate, which [...]

diy greek applesauce yogurt

Cinnamon Applesauce Greek Yogurt

As I have been working toward eliminating unnecessary chemicals, flavorings, and sugar from the food we eat, one thing that had to go was flavored yogurt. Instead, I have started flavoring it at home. We buy full fat or 2% plain greek yogurt. Plain works great as a substitute for sour cream, and it can easily [...]

Overnight Oats with Orange and Pomegranate Juices | Hellobee

Overnight Oats with Orange and Pomegranate Juices

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for make-ahead breakfasts to add to my lineup of baked oatmeal and freezer egg-based recipes. With warmer weather we’re looking for a replacement for our homemade frozen breakfast burritos – something cold but with the same satisfaction factor. Overnight oats first came to mind. Perhaps you’ve heard [...]

bran muffins

Three-Week Muffin Mix

This bran muffin recipe is one of my favorite breakfast treats, and it’s always a hit with my nieces (ages 9 & 10), too.  My favorite thing about this recipe, though, is that you can make the mix and leave it in the refrigerator for several weeks.  The recipe actually says the mix will be [...]


Breakfast Muffins

Mr. Blue and I almost always eat our breakfast on the way to work.  We just never seem to get ready in time to eat at home, so I’m always looking for transportable breakfasts. This week, I tried something new with what I had on hand, and it worked like a charm.

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